Become a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association

Applicants for membership in the Professional Outdoor Media Association select a classification of membership and must meet specific criteria to qualify for the membership selected.

  • Are you an individual who wants to join POMA to promote yourself and the work you do, and connect with industry companies and organizations to create content? If so, complete the appropriate individual application.
  • Are you a company or organization that wants to join POMA to promote your business, and connect with the journalists who tell the outdoor story? If so, complete our Corporate Partner application.

Applicants may qualify as the following. Clicking the member type link will open the application.

  • Voting Media (content creator with at least 24 paid credits within the past 12 months in any one category, or a combination of categories) – Annual Dues $200
  • Associate Media (content creator with at least one paid credit within the past 12 months in any one category, or a combination of categories. Non-voting membership) – Annual Dues $200
  • Associate Industry Professional (individual non-voting membership for industry professionals who are actively involved in the outdoor industry-based professions of communications, public relations or marketing THIS IS NOT A CORPORATE PARTNER membership and does not allow use of the membership list for promotion of a company/organization or products/services to POMA members. The individual, not their company, is listed in the POMA membership database and mailing lists. – Annual Dues $200
  • Public Agency Media (publication editors or information/education specialists employed by county, state or federal agencies that have an interest in the promotion of hunting, fishing, shooting and trapping. Non-voting membership - NOT PERMITTED TO PROMOTE THE AGENCY UNLESS THEY ARE A CORPORATE PARTNER – Annual Dues $200
  • Retired Media (content creators that worked within the outdoor industry as a communicator for a period of 15 consecutive years or more, and have retired. Non-voting membership) – Annual Dues $100
  • Student (please click here to review details before applying as a student member) – Annual Dues $50
  • Corporate Partner (corporations, organizations, firms and tourism or natural resource agencies that have an interest in the outdoors and support the goals, philosophies and programs of POMA. **PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCIES MUST COMPLETE AN APPLICATION AND PAY THE CP FEE FOR EACH COMPANY THEY WILL PROMOTE TO POMA MEMBERSAnnual Dues $500
  • Corporate Partner Media Staff Member (non-voting media membership open to full-time staff members of existing Corporate Partners (CPs). These staff members must develop editorial content for direct consumption by the public. This classification does not include public relations or corporate communications personnel.) – Annual Dues $50

Memberships and dues are for the period of one year from application date and renew annually. Quarterly and monthly payment options are available on request. Please contact us for details.

All applications require approval by the Membership Screening Committee and Board of Directors.


Every company joining as a CP must fill out an application. When applying for different companies, a unique username and email address is required for each company, even if the same person is the PR rep for each company. If necessary, consider setting up email accounts through Gmail or Yahoo before applying.

Example: John Smith is the rep for four companies. He uses different usernames, such as JSCompanyName, using his initials with each company name. Then he sets up email accounts the same way JSCompanyName@gmail.com. He then sets the emails for each (free) account to forward all emails to his primary email address.

APPLICANTS AGREE TO ABIDE BY AND SUPPORT POMA'S MISSION STATEMENT, IRREVOCABLE CHARTER & BYLAWS - An applicant’s signature signifies agreement to and support of the Mission Statement, Irrevocable Charter, Bylaws and other principles and goals of POMA.

CANCELLATION - As is the case with most membership organizations, membership fees/dues are non-refundable. If your initial membership application is not approved by the board of directors, a full refund will be issued.

ASSISTANCE WITH THE APPLICATION PROCESS - If you need assistance with the application process or have questions, contact POMA or call 814-201-7432.

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