The New King of The Deer Woods

This hunting season, there’s a new king of the deer woods. Created in partnership with Remington Ammunition, Henry Repeating Arms is proud to be the first to offer rifles chambered for the “straight-wall cartridge that flattens them all” – .360 Buckhammer.

Optimized for lever action rifles, the .360 Buckhammer delivers flatter trajectories, higher velocities, and more energy at range than any other straight-wall cartridge that’s come before it – taking the hunt to the fur out to 200+ yards.

Utilizing Remington’s Core-Lokt technology to deliver superior weight retention and bullet expansion, you can count on the .360 BHM to perform as reliably as the Henry lever action you load it in.

For those looking to pack truly contemporary performance into a classic blued-steel and walnut package, we’d recommend the H009G-360BH.

Or, for the discerning outdoorsman looking to configure their rifle to fit their mission, we’d recommend the modular H009X-360BH.