Ranching and Rodeo Communities Highlighted in Outdoor Channel’s New Original Series “Ranch America”

Sacramento, Cali. –There’s a difference between cowboys and ranchers, which is discovered during the new, original series Ranch America debuting Monday, March 6 at 9:30 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel. The show features Calaveras County rancher, chef, and cowboy River Klass, who provides a fresh and contemporary perspective on the American West. Watch a preview of the series here.

Klass and Ranch America help celebrate American horse and cattle ranches, the cowboy and cowgirl lifestyle and rodeo communities, as well as the remarkable and scenic canvas that serves as America’s landscape.

During the series, Klass shows how he manages his ranch in Northern California, but they also travel to other ranching communities, including Wyoming where they go behind the scenes at Cheyenne Frontier Rodeo. “In Wyoming, you have so much country to cover, and the ground is so rough that ATV’s weren’t cutting it. It is horse country. And to doctor the cattle, or check fences, you get on your horse and ride for 30 minutes before you see anything. And not just ride, but trot. During this whole time, I’m looking at ground that you couldn’t grow a single piece of vegetation that humans couldn’t digest. But yet, the cattle are out there, digesting this food, and creating a beautiful protein for us to eat,” shared Klass.

Part of the experience of the series is also to showcase why he and his family are raising cattle in Northern California. “When I see someone at the market looking at a chuck roast or ribeye, they are simply thinking about which cut they want to eat. Except they don’t think about where that protein came from. Asparagus doesn’t move. The farmer knows when and where it is going to come up and when to harvest it. The rancher has so many more moving parts to deal with – and most of these ranchers work a day job. So, all this work is done at nights or on the weekends and with the help of fellow friends,” shared Klass.

Ranch America is produced by Scott Leysath/Sporting Chef Productions in Folsom, Cali. and airs exclusively on Outdoor Channel. For more information about Ranch America on Outdoor Channel, visit: www.outdoorchannel.com.

Learn more about Ranch America at http://sportingchef.com/ Listen to River Klass and Scott Leysath discuss more of behind the scenes of Ranch America on “Off the Record” Podcast.



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