Embargoed For Release February 2nd, 2024

TSRs: Product, travel, food, and other reviews. Brutally honest. For all walks.

[New Jersey, February 2, 2024] – Award winning Second Amendment writer, activist, and author, John Petrolino (aka The Pen Patriot®), has launched his own platform – The Square Reviews. TSRs is a product, travel, food, experiences, & more review site, and can be found at the URL The goal of the page is to bring brutally honest reviews directly to consumers. Petrolino is leaning on existing industry relationships, forging new ones, as well as drawing from his experiences to bring content to readers. Through their writers, TSRs aims to bring innovative products to light, highlight exciting family entertainment adventures, and cover other travel opportunities.

TSRs is directed at readers who love the outdoors, nature, and have active or semi-active lifestyles. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a die hard adventurer who subscribes to the rugged American individualism way of life, TSRs is hoping you’ll find a home with them.

“The Square Reviews is not going to be just ‘gun stuff’ and shooting,” Petrolino said. “That’s all great to cover, and we do and will…But, we’re going to also focus on some lifestyle elements that Americans might be interested in across the country.”

On launch, reviews vary from commentary on The World’s Largest McDonalds, and visiting a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark, to flashlight and holster reviews. “We want TSRs to be a place where each member of a family can find useful information,” Petrolino noted. “We’re also sharing interviews with product and industry specialists. On launch we had interviews with the inventor of the CigarMinder®, Harold Heydt, and the mind behind the Ark Encounter, Ken Ham.”

TSRs is actively seeking brands and companies to pair with, so be sure to reach out to if you or your organization wants to collaborate. Potential contributors are welcome to reach out as well!

Be sure to check out The Square Reviews today! The Square Reviews can be found at, and on social media at Twitter/X: @square_review Facebook: The Square Reviews Instagram: @thesquarereviews and YouTube: @thesquarereivews

Petrolino is available for comment at and free for live media starting on February 12, 2024.