Deer season and chasing Gasconade River dinosaurs

Deer season is here! At least it is for all the fishermen like me who casually spend a few days in the stand for rifle season, ha. But many of you, including our own unpaid pro-staffer Jeff Blumer, have already been putting in time with a bow. Tip of the cap, and congrats to him for getting it done on the last day of the early bow season with a nice 13-pointer. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Brandon and Shags on their outings this season soon. There are always some good stories made at deer camp. Brandon had a great article this past week where he reflected on his experiences as a young hunter, and what it means to get some youth in the stands today. 

I was lucky to get to join Shags on the podcast this past week. The boss man was out of town, so I was happy to fill the extra seat on our buddy Tommy Bench’s boat. As a producer of the podcast, sometimes I get to join in those fun adventures. This was no exception. Tommy is an absolute master of the Gasconade River, which also happens to be my favorite water in the state. It was a quick trip, but in a short amount of time, he put us on an incredible goggle-eye spot. The most I’ve ever caught in a single day, and my PB rock bass. Give episode 215 a listen for the full story.

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Ep. 215: Chasing Dinosaurs on the Gasconade River
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Episode 215: Chasing Dinosaurs on the Gasconade River

Nathan “Shags” McLeod and Adam Voight interview Captain Tommy Bench, Owner and Operator of Gasconade River Guide Service, while fishing the Gasconade River.

Captain Bench has built a reputation as one of the most skilled guides in the Missouri area, with a vast knowledge of the Gasconade River and its surrounding areas. His passion for fishing and deep understanding of the river’s ecosystem make him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore the river’s vast offerings. His expertise has earned him numerous accolades, including several tournament wins, making him a highly sought-after guide for anyone looking to catch smallmouth bass in the Gasconade River.

Topics Discussed: How he got into the guiding industry, Goggle-eye bass, Legends of the Outdoor Hall of Fame, the growth process of fish, the impact tournaments have on the ecosystem, the importance of teaching our children to fish, the Big Piney, not being “just” a smallmouth angler, the public access misconceptions, what a day with Tommy entails, mystery bait bucket and more.

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