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Seaguar Releases Four New Line Bags Built for Storage and Effortless Spooling

Posted on: Jul 08, 2024

Storage of your fishing gear is crucial for keeping it protected, organized, and in top operating condition. Seeing an opportunity to help anglers better manage fishing line storage, Seaguar has unveiled three new leader spool bags and a smart way to store larger bulk spools of line. These new line storage solutions serve a dual purpose of protective storage and to allow quick and easy access/spooling of your favorite Seaguar line.

“From rope holding leader spools together to re-purposed hard-plastic bins for storing spools, we’ve seen a myriad of home-made solutions for storing line over the years”, says Brian Evans, Assistant Marketing Manager for Seaguar. “Some have been quite creative but none have answered the needs for storage and access of line for all anglers from shore fishing to deep-sea trolling. We’ve taken the time to design bags that offer functional, compact, and portable solutions to managing line and leader,” he added.

The new Seaguar Leader Feeder bags are designed to store Seaguar leader spools and are available in three sizes to hold either 3 or 6 leader spools. Each of the three bags has a Velcro flap for easy access and secures the leader material inside, while the dual grommets allow you to feed the line for a simple and easy dispensing system. Each is made from durable, weather-resistant rip-stop nylon and custom-sized so that the Seaguar spools fit neatly and securely together. Now it’s easy to keep your leader assortment with multiple pound test sizes in one compact space for easy access.

The smallest Leader Feeder holds three small Seaguar leader spools that are 8 lb test or smaller. The middle size holds three larger leader spools but can also accommodate Seaguar mainline fluorocarbon and braided line spools. The largest size holds six leader spools, such as the new Seaguar Pounce Bass Leader or other Seaguar fluorocarbon leaders, fluorocarbon mainlines, or braided line offerings.

Purchasing your most-used line in bulk saves money in the long run, but storing the larger spools can also be a challenge. Enter the Seaguar Bulk Line Go Bag, which secures up to six spools of 1000-yard Seaguar fluorocarbon in one well-built bag that also assists with spooling right from the bag itself.

The Bulk Line Go Bag is made with durable, weather-resistant rip-stop nylon and padded sides to protect your spools. The bottom of the bag includes no-slip plastic feet and corner guards built to protect. Inside are adjustable dividers for customization and molded, rubberized line ports that allow spooling reels right from the bag.

Evans said this is a very logical product extension for Seaguar. “We’re seeing the shifts in the way anglers are using line as presentations get more technical. Today, it’s not uncommon for someone to have 3 different pound test sizes of leader material in the boat and shift usage based on conditions.” He also noted that line storage and spooling are always of top interest to anglers. “We help provide answers for storage and spooling on our website and now we are offering solutions that securely store, dispense, and spool line so anglers can focus more on reeling in fish.”

Seaguar Leader Feeder will be available in three sizes with an MSRP from $18.99-$24.99. The Seaguar Bulk Line Go Bag has an MSRP of $69.99. Both will be available to consumers in the fall of 2024.

For more information, call 502-883-6097, write Kureha America LLC, 4709 Allmond Ave., Suite 4C, Louisville, KY 40209, or visit us at www.seaguar.com. Find us on Facebook and on Instagram.

Direct Link to Product Information on Seaguar website: Line Management Bags | Seaguar