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POMA Insight Session: Annual Meeting 2024

Posted on: Mar 02, 2024

We are excited to bring you the next Insight Session on: March 6 at 1 p.m. CST "2024 POMA Annual Meeting" Presented by Rob Sexton and Britney Booth Join POMA's Insight Session with POMA's Executive Director Rob Sexton and 1st Vice President Britney Booth to learn more about the 2024 POMA Annual Meeting. Whether you’ve already registered to attend, or you’re debating if you should go, this session will answer any questions you might have. You can join the webinar using this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85148238827?pwd=n26vaOOA855sNK5KIxzmpwBWW-diJQ.E8F1qkOzOHZHIO95