Expanded First Shots Incentives for New and Existing Hosts

Posted on: Feb 20, 2024

NSSF® is pleased to announce the expansion of First Shots® incentives to assist host retailers & ranges that want to host their first or even more First Shots events to help increase participation in hunting and the shooting sports. Shooting ranges, firearm instructors and shooting sports organizations that want to begin or expand hosting First Shots event experiences can help recover startup costs and build program momentum through this support system. Participants must be current NSSF members in good standing. Hosts are eligible to receive $15 per First Shots participant up to a maximum of $1500*. *The amount of funding that qualifying hosts may be awarded shall be at the sole discretion of NSSF.

Program Guidlines

  • Participants must be an NSSF member.
  • Must schedule and host at least 3 First Shots events and or incorporate the First Shots branded experience into your business’s customary offerings even if it’s by appointment only.
  • Hosts must provide the NSSF with a post-First Shots event report after each event letting us know how many people participated.
  • Support funds will be awarded based on program participation between now and March 17, 2024.