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Caution: Construction Zone!

Posted on: Feb 24, 2024

From POMA's Executive Director Rob Sexton: For those that struggle to adapt to change, I’m afraid POMA is making quite a few at the moment, but the good news is that they are all positive changes. We’re doing our best to prevent any hiccups as we make these transitions, but it’s likely there will be a few. As we go through these changes, feel free to send me a note to let us know anything that needs fixed or needs our attention. We greatly value your feedback. Here are all the changes happening right now inside POMA: Staff Realignment Part 1 – Welcome Stephanie Spika Hickey Stephanie has joined the POMA team as our new Communications Specialist. She will be our principle point of contact on press releases, social media, ongoing website content, etc. Stephanie is a longtime professional in this field, working in the firearms and outdoor industry for over 15 years. She has held senior level marketing and communications roles at the National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, and Benelli USA, among other companies. Stephanie and her husband MAJ Tomm Hickey currently reside near Fort Drum, NY, with their three children and GSD Ranger. She is a Patron Life Member of the NRA, Life Member of SCI, and currently serves on the SCI Board of Directors. I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie when she served as Communications Director of the North American Gamebird Association. She’s a great get for POMA and is sure to do a good job on behalf of our members! Stephanie can be reached at stephanie@professionaloutdoormedia.org. Staff Realignment Part 2 – Join us in Wishing Laura Kenning Well Laura is leaving POMA, effective February 29. Most POMA members don’t know how hard Laura has worked to keep the trains running at POMA as we experienced a lot of changes over the last year. Many times, Laura has been the face of the organization as we changed Executive Directors and planned the 2024 Annual Meeting. Brought on board to handle communications duties, Laura was forced into membership processing as well as POMA began severing ties with Member Clicks. Unbeknownst to likely all POMA members, Laura and her family relocated to Germany in late 2023 as her husband serves our country and was transferred there. In all she has helped POMA through major transitions, moved her family overseas and maintained communications with POMA members throughout. She is a real professional with a welcoming personality, and she will be missed. POMA Members can send well wishes to Laura at laura@professionaloutdoormedia.org. Membership Processing Changes POMA is ending its relationship with Member Clicks, the database management software company we have been using. Instead, we will be using QuickBooks to manage our membership database in addition to our finances. This is noteworthy to POMA Members because the look of our invoices will be a bit different, and we want to assure you it is indeed POMA you are hearing from. If you see emails from accounting@professionaloutdoormedia.org, that is a communication from Courtney Swanson who handles POMA’s books and membership processing operation. POMA members will receive invoices that can be paid directly by clicking on a payment button, in addition to utilizing our automatic renewal system. We are also overhauling the POMA website to make it easier to navigate. While a lot of the look and format will remain the same, it is likely some will notice some differences as we implement these changes. Specialized Committees Will Guide POMA Operations Like all small organizations, POMA can only be effective with an all hands on deck approach. We’re very fortunate to have an all-volunteer board that is willing to serve outdoor media and our corporate partners all while keeping their “day jobs.” As part of this, POMA will be guided by five specialized committees. The Annual Meeting Committee manages POMA’s annual get together from the top to the bottom, including siting, RFP development, sponsorship recruitment, program design, lodging and more. This committee is the planning group for POMA’s annual showcase event. The Audit, Budget and Finance Committee maintains oversight over POMA finances on behalf of the Board of Directors. It also creates the annual budget and recommends it to the Board. The Communications Committee coordinates POMA’s outward face, from our website to press releases to our social media. The committee will help improve content, delivery and value to both media and corporate partners. The Membership Recruitment and Services Committee has two purposes. First, they guide, coordinate and implement membership drives, as well as create and launch specific campaigns to increase both media and corporate memberships. At the same time the committee will be responsible for the value that comes with a POMA Membership, ensuring that the organization improves the product for all who invest in our organization. The Show Planning Committee guides POMA’s presence at major events. In some cases, such as the SHOT Show, the organization will have an event or gathering for members. In other cases, POMA members and staff will attend. The committee will facilitate meetups at shows where we are not holding a POMA-specific event. In all cases, POMA will work to secure media privilege for our members and to provide information on how to easily secure credentials. In all these changes are improvements to the organization and the service POMA provides to its members. We will want to hear your feedback on anything that is important to you. You can email me at rob@professionaloutdoormedia.com.