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Kevin Reese

Term Ends 2025

Kevin has been a POMA member since 2008 and credits his outdoor industry success exclusively to mentoring and POMA membership. He continues to write regularly for a number of regional, national and international print and digital publishers and during his freelance career has also worked in front of and behind cameras for various TV shows on Pursuit, Sportsman and Outdoor Channels, as well as NRA TV. Kevin is a Marine Corps veteran, hardcore patriot and lover of all things outdoors. He is an avid bowhunter and also enjoys extreme long-range shooting. To pay the mentorship he received forward, Kevin is always on the lookout for opportunities to mentor others in outdoor industry communications. Kevin previously served on POMA’s board of directors for four years, until 2016, including one year as treasurer—he enjoys opportunities to pay POMA back for years of industry communicator support. Along with his career as a freelance outdoor media member, Kevin has worked as a PR professional, managing media for a number of outdoor industry companies and for the past five years has worked as the senior media relations manager for POMA corporate partner, Sellmark Corporation. Sellmark’s brands include Pulsar, Sightmark, Firefield, Kopfjäger, 12 Survivors and BulletSafe. In 2011, Kevin earned coveted Pinnacle and Outstanding Achievement awards, both for outdoor writing. He strives for a repeat year after year. He resides in Texas with his wife, Kelly, and son, Jake.

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