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1 day 22 hours ago
Next week on Guns & Gear, we check out Timeny Trigger’s 2-stage trigger for your AR. Plus, we hit the range with the incredibly consistent, and accurate, Colt National Match ammunition from DoubleTap Ammunition; shoot the T/C Compass rifle from Thompson/Center Arms, and get a reminder on why the right belt is important for your carry system when we try out the Ares Aegis crossover belt from CrossBreed Holsters. And, don’t miss tips from the pros!
1 day 22 hours ago
Next week on GunVenture, Ryan Gresham heads to Ox Ranch with Ruger’s Mark Gurney, and they’ll shoot the BIGGEST gun ever fired on GunVenture- from a Sherman tank! Plus, trap shooting, a deer hunt with the Ruger SR-762, and a trip to Dury’s Gun Shop for a look at some truly historic firearms.
1 day 23 hours ago
It’s hunts, holsters, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.