Kevin Tate

Like many POMA members, I wear a variety of hats. Part TV production, part public relations, part freelance writer, my job varies and I go where the day takes me. The associations I build, the contacts I make and the information I learn at POMA's Summer Business Conference helps me every step of the way. From negotiating fees for services Mossy Oak Productions may use, or setting fees my freelance efforts may earn, I lean on sessions and advice from mentors and peers at POMA.

When I'm brainstorming for new revenue ideas, I call upon the same, and when I'm shooting still photos to support my writing, POMA lessons weigh in again. I look forward to the conference each summer because, when you can do business with your friends, you know you're in the right place.
Creative Director, Mossy Oak Productions, Part-time Freelance Writer, Barbecue Grill Assembler and Flyswatter Salesman