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Welcome new POMA members. We’re proud to have you in the family.

Associate Industry Professional

Kevin Osborn
Owasso, Oklahoma
Bio: My name is Kevin Osborn and I am a self-admitted, adult onset hunter. While I grew up camping and fishing, other outdoor activities like archery, firearms, and hunting I’ve only been involved with over the last 5 years. My goal is to use various forms of media to tell the story of learning outdoor activities as an adult while also taking my wife and kids along on the journey to learn and grow together. Along the way, I never want to lose sight that this journey started 5 years ago with an invite and how important R3 efforts are to the future of hunting and fishing. Another area of importance to me and my family is conservation, we organize clean ups and volunteer with groups such as 2% For Conservation and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

Retired Media

Clark Gordin
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Bio: Original group of regional directors with the National Wild Turkey Federation
Exec. Dir of the Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries & Parks Foundation, Retired
National Sales Mgr. The Confluence Group, Retired


Gunpowder Inc
Washington, Missouri
About us: Gunpowder ignites brand action with a bold new model for brands to get actionable insights. That drive gutsy ideas and nimble executions to achieve real, measurable business outcomes. We are like no agency before us. Liberated from the confines of a traditional agency description, we are agile by design, value-driven and focused not on winning awards or padding the coffers of a corporate parent – but rather on doing the best possible work to igniting brand action.

Naperville, Illinois
About us: With the Breadcrumb Personal Safety Beacon, you can head out and enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer without ever worrying about getting lost in the fun. This essential Bluetooth™ enabled device easily attaches to your backpack, bike, or clothing, allowing to share your location with the people who care about you. Simply give temporary access to your device via the Breadcrumb mobile app so others can find your location if necessary – even if you don’t have cell reception. So, if you trek out where there is no coverage, or your hike outlast your phone’s battery… No problem. You remain fully trackable with Breadcrumb. This weatherproof 2” x 2” outdoor device features ultra-bright LED lights and a repeating sound beacon. Use your smartphone to follow the last known location then activate the lights or sound if the location is not immediately visible.

Brothers & Company
Tulsa, Oklahoma
About us: This is the heartland. Where it’s far more powerful to say what you believe than what you think. It’s why the ace up our sleeve has become the indissoluble thread weaving through our work. Authenticity. Time and again it proves to be the one element that faithfully resonates.