Welcome to the POMA Family

Welcome new POMA members.  We’re proud to have you in the family.



Aaron Hitchins
Geneso, Kansas
Bio: Surviving the long, cold, isolated winters Canada, or as a byproduct of his Business School Education, Aaron has a rather overactive imagination. While in most avenues of life that would serve as a distraction, Aaron’s bountiful creativity meshes with his corporate vision to create the fire in which brands are forged at Rockhouse Motion.

Ian Merritt
Evanston, Illinois
Bio: Ian D. Merritt, a Creative Director and Photographer, based in Chicago. IDM Photography brings 15 years of professional creative experience working in ad agencies, within in-house creative groups, and alongside a variety of editorial teams all while specializing in visual story telling.

Ross Honey
Sarasota, Florida
Bio: I have founded high profile international sports events which have been driven through the media platform I have established over the years. I have hosted TV shows, written and published many magazines and have worked with local regional national and international press. I have been the guest speaker at many International shows and conferences

Dena Woerner, Primary Voting Media Member of Traditions Media
Benton, Arkansas
Bio: Outdoor writer, editor and contributor. Experienced in marketing, management, public relations, social media, multi-channel campaign development and execution. Published: Arkansas Wild, Fishing Tackle Retailer, Digital, River Management Journal. Editor: Arkansas Parks and Tourism Arkansas Wild Bike Arkansas ANPA (American Native Press Archives)


Stephen Lee
Pensacola, Florida
Bio: I am the Director of Partnership Development for TrophyStack.com

Josh Claflin
Broomfield, Colorado
Bio: Josh helps brands in the hunting, outdoor and firearms industry who are struggling to develop their brand; grow, stabilize or increase profits through their websites; increase revenue through online channels and enter the digital era of marketing.


National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative
Knoxville, Tennesse
Company Mission: NBCI is an initiative of 25 state wildlife management agencies to elevate bobwhite quail recovery from an individual state-by-state proposition to a range-wide leadership endeavor.

Falcon Signal Horns
Branchburg, New Jersey
Company Mission: Falcon Signal Horns is the oldest and most reliable name in signal horns offering a complete line of 100% ozone-safe signal devices. Designed by acoustical experts and made in the USA, they’re guaranteed to carry sound up to one mile over land or sea. Whatever you’re signaling, Falcon is the preferred choice for durability, reliability and sound.

Irvine, California
Company Mission: Hard work and a dream is what established American Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp. in March of 1966. It started with humble beginnings for the team sent to open the U.S. market. Having practically nothing – no customers, no distributors and no image, they had something more important – a strong desire to succeed and a promise to supply the best products.

Legally Armed America
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Company Mission: Legally Armed America is a cable and web television show created for gun-lovers by gun addicts and dedicated to people who want to stay informed about the latest firearm-related products, events, news and just about anything gun related. Legally Armed America is an NRA News Official Partner.

Traditions Media
Cambridge, Minnesota
Company Mission: A fishing-specific PR and marketing group. We camp, but only to be closer to the fish. We climb, and we bike, but usually only when our trucks break down. Now fishing? Right there in our wheelhouse-we fish, and fish well, and can communicate fishing information to fishing folks fast and with a flavor that is only Traditions Media.

Plano Synergy
Plano, Illinois
Company Mission: Plano Synergy is a wholesale distributor, whose foundation is built on a dream and a passion for the outdoors. As a newly created family of high performance outdoor brands, Plano Synergy embodies over 150 combined years of industry experience, values and product quality all thanks to each one of its founders.