Weatherby Introduces The Mark V TacMark and TacMark Elite Rifles – Long-Range Domination

Paso Robles, Calif. – Weatherby Inc., legendary firearms manufacturer, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Custom Shop TacMark and TacMark Elite, the latest in the renowned Mark V series of rifles that debuted in 1958. And, just as the Mark V and Weatherby cartridges it chambered redefined power and performance in game fields worldwide, so too will the TacMark-series rifles for long-range targeting; the rifles are teeming with the minutiae necessary to consistently connect at extended ranges.

Exemplifying the Weatherby® axiom, “Nothing shoots flatter, hits harder, or is more accurate,” TacMarkTM rifles employ 28-inch, No. 3-contour barrels to extract top velocities (and thus energies) from their .30-378 Wby. Mag., .338 Lapua Mag., and .338-378 Wby. Mag. chamberings, while hand-lapping the fluted, free-floating, cut-rifled barrels guarantee that the rifles will produce a three-shot group measuring 0.99-inch or less at 100 yds. from a cold barrel when using Weatherby factory or premium ammunition. In addition to featuring a Krieger® Custom match-grade barrel, the Range Certified (RC) TacMarkTM Elite is accompanied by an Oehler Ballistic Imaging System printout signed and certified by Ed or Adam Weatherby®. Muzzle brakes on both rifles greatly reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip.

The TacMark’s and TacMarkTM Elite’s Mark V® action—including a machined steel receiver with integral recoil lug and beefy nine-lug bolt with a short, 54-degree bolt throw—is attached to an CNC-machined aluminum bedding plate that’s secured within the weather-impervious composite stock. As it’s incrementally adjustable for length of pull (13¼ inches to 14¾ inches), drop at comb, and drop at heel, the TacMark’s stock provides true customization for reach and consistent cheekweld and eye-to-optic alignment. Additionally, the stock also has a near-vertical pistol grip with a trigger finger depression and a wide, flat-bottom fore-end with a stud for attaching a bipod and/or sling. Colors are black (TacMarkTM) or High Desert Camo with black spider web accents (TacMarkTM Elite).

TacMarkTM series rifles feature Weatherby’s new LXX trigger, which have refined tolerances and precision-ground and polished surfaces for a consistent, creep-free pull. Moreover, there’s a wider shoe for improved trigger-to-finger contact, and the trigger is user-adjustable for pull weight down to 2.5 lbs.

Lastly, TacMarkTM and TacMarkTM Elites are fed from a detachable, single-stack, five-round-capacity box magazine made from steel. This not only ensures supplemental rounds for follow-up shots or multiple targets are at the ready, but also immediate load adaptability; simply replace the magazine with one having loads optimally situated for the situation.

The Custom Shop Mark V® TacMarkTM and TacMarkTM Elite rifles will be available through the Weatherby® Custom Shop.

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