The “Free” Ethical Dilemma

The Dilemma – professional ethics limit media members from requesting free products unless they intend to use and write about that product. As a POMA Corporate Partner and iOS developer, we find this very limiting.

For iPhone and iPad developers, Apple provides a perfect mechanism to distribute free copies of paid apps. It costs developers nothing to distribute these free copies and most developers would love to get their apps in the hands of the media.

You carry your phone anyway so don’t feel guilty asking to try out a supporter’s app. You may just find it useful. One thing is for sure! You’ll never find a reason to write about an app if you don’t have it on your phone.

Gogal Publishing Company makes iPhone and iPad apps including GPS Topo USA, Stream Map USA, GPS National Parks USA, Colorado Wild Trout, The Pennsylvania Trout Stocking Map and The GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania.

If you are a media member with an iPhone or iPad, please contact us at for a free copy of any of our iOS apps.