“Stop the Threat”-Perceived Threat – All Law Enforcment Expert Panel!

THIS WEEK, beginning September 18, 2013, ‘Stop the Threat” Perceived Threat, all new episode.

THIS WEEK, beginning September 18, 2013, ‘Stop the Threat” Perceived Threat, all new episode.

Hosted by James B. Towle

with ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT Special Guests:
Wes Doss
William Duggan
Chris Wolf

In this week’s crime reenactment: On a stormy night far from the city lights, a father is awakened by thunder and lightning.  Dazed and half-asleep, he sees a shadow pass his window that looks like a man with a rifle heading towards his childrens room.  He grabs his shotgun to investigate.

Wes Doss
Internationally recognized firearms, tactics, and use of force instructor with over 20 years of military & civilian criminal justice experience,
Founder & President of Khyber Interactive Associates LLC (an internationally recognized training and research company).
Veteran Police Officer & U.S. Army Soldier, Trainer & Author of
“Train to Win” and “Condition to Win” (both training psychology books).


William “Bill” Duggan
13-year State of Massachussetts law enforcement veteran, currently assigned to the Detective Bureau.  Also a Firearms Training Officer for the Department and the Academy.




Chris Wolf
17-year State of Louisiana law enforcement veteran and current Firearms Instructor for a law enforcement training facility.

“Stop the Threat” panelists offer an informed discussion aimed at armed citizens on legal gun ownership, the use of deadly force, and how one may avoid becoming a victim, or respond to a life or death situation. This series may save your life!



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