QDMA and NDA to Become a Unified Deer Organization

QDMA NDA logos.jpgToday, we made a significant announcement in QDMA’s history. We are seizing a rare opportunity to work more effectively for deer during a challenging period in wildlife conservation by embarking on a joint venture with the National Deer Alliance (NDA) that will unify our two organizations into a single group. The venture will combine the strengths, resources and core initiatives of QDMA and NDA so that we are able to better serve deer and hunters more effectively at a time when the need is greatest.

Change is never easy, but our staff, Board and our Founder Joe Hamilton fully support this transition that will make us more effective and efficient going into the future – though our dedication to sound deer and habitat management will never change. We’ll have more details about the unification process as hunting season approaches, but for now we wanted to provide you with as much information as possible as well as answers to your questions.

A note for QDMA members: Your membership is still valid and you will continue to receive benefits. We will continue to be a membership-based non-profit organization. In fact, very little will change about QDMA’s core programs, mission and values, they will simply be combined with the strengths of NDA.

A note for Branch volunteers: We are maintaining the QDMA Branch structure through which you implement local conservation projects and initiatives. Our volunteers will continue to be vital to delivering our conservation mission at the grassroots level. We’ll be inviting you soon to a virtual Town Hall meeting where you can learn more and ask questions about today’s news.

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Today’s Press on the News

Mark Kenyon, for MeatEater:

“The hope is that this move will lead to the creation of a modernized super organization in support of all deer species; the grassroots membership and educational expertise of the QDMA paired with the leadership and national policy influence of the NDA.  …Real, tangible change will not likely be visible for many weeks or months, but this is a very positive move for deer and deer hunters. Will it live up to its billing as an enhancement of deer conservation powers? We think so, and we’re damned excited for what’s ahead.”


NDA/QDMA CEO Nick Pinizzotto, quoted in Outdoor Life:

“As a combined organization, we’re not walking away from anything we’ve been doing, though we hope to do it better and more efficiently. For QDMA members, we’ll continue to be the source for science-based land and habitat management. We’ll continue to build on QDMA’s very successful Field-to-Fork program that promotes the connection between hunting and healthy food. If you want to know more about policy and broader conservation issues, we’ll use what we bring from NDA to fulfill that mission. And we want to be leaders in the movement to recruit all people who care about deer, not just hunters but all people who appreciate the role of America’s deer as indicators of healthy habitats.”


Thank you for your ongoing support of QDMA in the past, throughout this challenging year, and as we embark on new accomplishments for deer hunting and conservation!