Powderhook Launches Major Upgrade

Powderhook announces major upgrades to their hunting and fishing website. Outdoorsmen and women can use the Powderhook site to find places to hunt and fish, that they may not have otherwise known about. Powderhook’s overhaul includes a powerful trip planning engine, which allows users and friends to coordinate on outings.

Powderhook, a website designed to help people hunt and fish more often, announced today a major overhaul to their platform.Do you hunt and fish as often as you’d like? Neither do we.The outdoor industry is filled with innovative new products. We’re a couple clicks from owning a camera that let’s us video under water, lifelike decoys, and camo patterns to hide from nearly any kind of terrain, yet we routinely find ourselves missing the most important part: a place to go and the time to go there.

According to Matthew Dunfee, a leading expert on hunter participation for the Wildlife Management Institute, the top reasons people don’t get out more often are 1) they don’t have time 2) they don’t have access to a spot and 3) they don’t have a person to go with.

That’s where Powderhook comes in.

In order to hunt or fish you have to have a place to go. With over 550,000 public and 3,500 private spots, thousands of outdoor events, and chapter information for several leading organizations including Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and National Wild Turkey Federation, Powderhook has a place for just about any pursuit. With a couple clicks on Powderhook, securing a spot has never been easier.

Ilya Swanson of Rochester, Minn., used Powderhook’s public lands and waters map to find nearby public lakes to fish. Swanson was very pleased that Powderhook created such an effective and user-friendly service for outdoorsmen like himself. “I have been using Powderhook to my advantage for the past four months. My friends asked me where I learned about these lakes, and now most of my fishing buddies are also hooked on it.”

Hunting and fishing are often social activities, yet planning a trip – even a simple outing – can be really frustrating. Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s bringing what? Will you get paid back if you pay for the rooms?  People go less often because of the time it takes to plan, so Powderhook built a comprehensive trip-planning engine. Invite your real friends or your Facebook friends, pick spots, manage blinds, split costs; with Powderhook, planning becomes simple – maybe even part of the fun. 

The image above shows a few Powderhook “Cards.” A card is a tool on the new Powderhook platform designed to help people invite friends, split costs, sell tickets to banquets, manage clubs and much more. To create a card, simply log in and click the plus sign.

“I don’t hunt as often as I’d like, mostly because, living in the city, just about everything else I do is easier to plan,” commented Powderhook early adopter Dustin Tomes, of Brooklyn, NY. “Using Powderhook made it seem so much simpler,” referring to a South Dakota pheasant hunt he recently planned with his friends. “Powderhook is definitely a work in progress, but it keeps getting better. I will definitely use it again because I’m confident it’s going to help me get out more often.”

What makes us all the same, whether new to the outdoors or a long-time veteran, is the desire to get out in the field. With the new Powderhook, finding a spot and planning the trip have never been easier. Visit www.powderhook.com to give it a try.

For more information on Powderhook, please visit Powderhook.com/about or contact us at info@powderhook.com or 855-4SPRTSMN.