POMA Members Luttrell & Ayres Chat on GoWild’s Podcast

“I’m at a low point. I’m in a significant amount of pain with two torn knees, I had just spent six or eight months solely dedicated to this endeavor that effectively ended in abject misery.”

— Sam Ayres

You may know today’s Restless Native guest better by his social handle or his podcast name, “Living Country in the City.” Either way, it's safe to bet you don't know him like you will after this episode. 

This podcast goes deep into Sam's background and his journey, which has been more than learning to hunt. He’s dealt with life changes, online harassment and bullying, and more. Yet, he’s persisted.

Sam also talks through the rebranding of Living Country in the City to his new name, The Wild Initiative. He’ll walk us through his move, what it’s like quitting your job with no income, and how he’s making it work with podcasting and by applying another skill.

Learn more about The Wild Initiative.

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Join Sam and Brad on GoWild, and join in the conversation around conservation. 

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