POMA Member Spotlight: Amy Hall, Owner and Podcast Host of Her Wild Outdoors Podcast

POMA Member Spotlight: Amy Hall, Owner and Podcast Host of Her Wild Outdoors Podcast
By Live Fire Solutions for Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) — November 23, 2021

According to Amy, founder and host of the podcast “Her Wild Outdoors”, when it came to hunting and fishing, there weren’t a lot of women for her to turn to growing up. Although her family spent a ton of time outdoors and did a lot of camping, they didn’t hunt or own guns/bows. “I did have a little Snoopy fishing pole that I used as a kid,” recalls Amy. “We didn’t watch tv, so for us (my three siblings and me), the outdoors was our entertainment.”

With a spark to learn more about hunting and fishing, Amy decided to set out on a journey to hone her outdoor skills and then find a way to help others like herself.

She hunted solo for over 8 years and kept pushing her abilities. She noticed there was little support or access to education developed by other females and that’s when she decided to focus her career on developing content and communications that would advocate and promote women in the outdoors. “I knew it was important to help vocalize individuals’ stories as a way to inspire other women to get out there. Whether it was through hunting, angling, backpacking, homesteading or so many other ways.”

Amy attributes her success not only to her own education, but to the key mentors and connections that she’s made through outdoor organizations, her podcast and social media. “Those personal conversations and interactions have helped me to create a quality audience versus one that fluctuates constantly.”

As a content specialist, in addition to her podcast, she leverages platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to market and grow her audience. “Facebook is probably the last place I spend time because of the content being filtered so heavily there,” says Amy. “TikTok has been a new one for me and I am…feeling it out! It is truly hard to spread yourself out over all of the platforms giving the same amount of work to each of them.” Like most content creators, Amy focuses her efforts on measuring success not only on numbers, but meaningful interactions.

“Success is seen within the comments and messages. It is in how the interactions are growing. How they are maintained. What exactly are the comments? Are they engaging in a conversation versus one emoji?” In her experience, detailed messages lead to more loyal supporters and continued growth. “Engagement is the highest measure of success for me!”

We also asked Amy to share a few fun facts and here’s what we learned:

Question: What have you been told is your superpower?

Answer: I do have two superpowers! It is hysterical and has nothing to do with the outdoors:

First one is that I can fold a fitted sheet to perfection quickly. It requires patience in learning and the outcome is perfectionism at its best! Secondly, I have very small hands so changing out headlights and filters and all things car related usually keeps me from having to take things apart to get them renewed!”

Question: What’s something remarkable you’ve done/experienced?

Answer: Something remarkable I have experienced was on a solo hunt a few years ago. It was a beautiful crisp fall afternoon up in a tree. The wind was blowing and leaves were falling. The first cool snap of the year had me itching to be out there. A few hours in I had a buck come up from behind me and I could not even grasp what I was looking at. It was a pure albino 12 point (eastern hunter description) walking up under my stand. He hung out for about half an hour just grazing and walking around. In my home state it is illegal to shoot an albino deer, so I just enjoyed that moment and took photos and videos. It was truly a day I will never forget.

If you’re looking to get into podcasting, content development or want to learn more – check out some of Amy’s recommendations and follow her podcast/websites/social channels.

Please help us share Amy’s story and be a part of her continued success as an individual contributor to the outdoors, on behalf of women in the outdoors and, last, but not least, as a part of the POMA family!

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