Olivia Opre Joins POMA Member Brad Luttrell on Restless Native Podcast

“I’m happy to put my neck on the line. I get a lot of anti-hunter threats. I got a $250,000 bounty on my head. But it’s something that has to be talked about.”
— Olivia Opre, Hunting Consultant & Mrs. America Contestant 

Imagine the amount of hate you must have in your heart to put a bounty on someone’s head. This guest knows that kind of hate. And she knows it well. Olivia Opre has traveled the world hunting hippos, lions, elephants, and dozens of other species. She joints GoWild Co-Founder, Brad Luttrell, on the Restless Native podcast to talk about her experiences in being harrassed, along with other topics in conservation. 

It’s easy for the media to take that narrative and make her into a trophy hunter. It happens a lot. In fact, it’s happen so much, that Olivia has gotten really good at responding to this kind of sensationalism.

In fact, she’s so good, you might think some of these answers are scripted. They’re not. She’s just that confident, and that good. Olivia understands the complexities of hunting. And she has a complex background herself, such as being previous Mrs. America contestant.


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