New Adjustable Comb Options from Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks has released a new adjustable comb feature, for several of their replacement gunstock designs, in response to consumer demand. The new feature provides more proper alignment between your eye and the firearm’s sights, improving accuracy.

Boyds has recently released an adjustable comb feature for many of their popular hardwood replacement gunstock designs. This new feature enables you to adjust the cheek piece of your stock to provide a better fit to your body. It also provides a more proper alignment between your eye and the firearm’s sights, which improves the accuracy of your shot. An adjustable comb is now available for Boyds Classic, Prairie Hunter, Platinum, Heritage, and Pro Varmint designs.

Boyds new adjustable comb allows approximately ½” of vertical adjustment of comb height. The adjustment is easy to make and is controlled by loosening and tightening two 5/32″ allen screws, accessible through the top of the comb. Shooters can loosen the locking screws and move the comb to their desired height and then tighten the locking screws to hold the comb in place.

All of Boyds’ adjustable comb gunstock options come standard with a 5/32″ allen wrench for quick and easy adjustment. To provide rust and corrosion resistance, the assembly uses two stainless steel sleeves in the stock, two stainless steel adjustment rods in the comb, and an aluminum base inside the comb.

The new adjustable comb option from Boyds is the product of consumer demand. Boyds utilizes the product request form on their website as a guide for constantly adding new products and options to their product line. By focusing on the input received from customers, Boyds is able to provide the greatest selection of the most relevant gunstocks and custom options to meet the dynamic demands of the market.

Boyds is the leading manufacturer of high-quality hardwood gunstocks in the world. An American, family-owned business located in Mitchell, S.D., Boyds builds well over 100,000 different makes and models of gunstocks priced under $100. All of Boyds hardwood gunstocks can be found and ordered at


Randy Boyd

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