GoWild Introduces Fishing Activity Tracking for Android, iOS and Garmin®

LOUISVILLE, KY.—GoWild announced today it is releasing the ability to track fishing activity on all of its platforms, including Android, iOS and Garmin. GoWild, a free activity tracking and social app for outdoor enthusiasts, now has the ability to uniquely track over 40 outdoor-specific activities

With fishing tracking, a member of GoWild can record minute-to-minute air temperature, distance traveled, elevation, and photos taken. Photos are pinned to an anonymized map, overlaying catches documented with your cell phone’s camera with the activity’s data. Members can uniquely track fishing activities for Saltwater, Freshwater, Fly, Bow, Ice and Noodlin’. 

“Anglers want to share their story, but not their spot—so we found a way to do that,” said GoWild Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, Chris Gleim. “This is the most robust way to document your fishing trip, and get feedback from other anglers, it’s a fantastic extension of our platform.”

As GoWild members track time fishing, the app will begin comparing your time spent to the community, and provide suggestions to improve a member’s specific activities. An upcoming update will display time spent on the member’s profile.

The GoWild Fish app for Garmin provides additional tracking of heart rate and points of interest specific to that type of fishing. When Fly Fishing, you can track water features such as rocks and ledges, whereas an Ice Fisherman could track everything from where they parked to where their shanty was on the lake. All Garmin fishing activities can track catch locations. GoWild has plans to help anglers navigate back to these points in the future. POIs are only shown to the member, not the community. 

All GoWild apps are free. GoWild is available for Android, iOS and Garmin at downloadgowild.com.