Gear Junkie’s Hunt & Fish Editor Discusses Hunting’s Changing Culture

“Rural America’s population has been shrinking and getting older for decades. People are just starting to move back to rural America because they’re getting priced out of urban America. We’re in a transition point right now, as people are either pushed to the edges or out of cities.”

— Nicole Qualtieri

Nicole Qualtieri got her start working alongside Janis Putelis and Steven Rinella at MeatEater. She moved on to Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. And today, she serves as the Hunt Fish Editor for Gear Junkie.

She will challenge how you think, what you do, and what you’ve always done. Restless Native host and GoWild CEO,  was introduced to Nicole after GoWild launched its activity tracking product this year at ATA.

"She and I hopped on the phone to talk about what I thought was the product," Luttrell said. "I think we booked half an hour to chat. What ensued was an hour and a half of amazing conversation around what’s wrong with the hunting industry, how we can fix it, and it wasn’t the same ol’ stuff everyone else is always saying."

Nicole has a fresh perspective. She doesn’t care about what you’ve always done or believed. And she’s got a massive platform to let the world know how she thinks. She also knows POMA member, Liza Sautter, and gives her a shout out on the show. 

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