This week on Gateway Outdoors Radio Charlie Burchfield’s special guests are PA Game Commission Regional Supervisor for the Sourthcentral Region and Regional Wildlife Managment Supervisor Justin Vreeland to discuss Chronic Wasting disease recently found in PA’s wild deer population.

Chronic Wastng Disease has been found in animals located in several portions of the state. The disease has the potential to adverserly the wild deer population in the state.

Myers and Vreeland offer insigt to the problem along with controls the PGC has, and continues to set into place to help control the spread of the disease.

The program will air June 9, at 6 p,m, on WCED 1420 AM, 107.9 FM and 96.7 FM, and live streamed on the Internet. The program can be listened to the following day archived on the WCED Talk Radio web site.

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