This week on Gateway Outdoors Charlie Burchfield’s special guest is Chris Nicholas who serves as the Forest District Supervisor of the Susquehannock State Forest located in the northern tier of Pennsylvania.

Susquehannock State Forest derives its name from the Susquehannock tribe that once inhabited the region. It comprises 265,000 acres in Potter, Clinton and McKean counties. The forest grows some of the most productive stands of black cherry trees in the world. This particular State Forest is one of several State Forests located in what has become known as the PA Wilds region.

Chris provides an interesting over view of what can be found in the area, which is open to public use that includes camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing and hunting.

Listen in, on Monday March 3rd, as the discussion keys in on the wide variety of ways to enjoy one of the most unique State Forests in the Commonwealth.

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