Crosman Unveils New Products For 2014


Crosman is pleased to announce new products for 2014. The products will be unveiled January 14th at booth 13940 at SHOT Show.

Crosman is pleased to announce new products for 2014. The products will be unveiled January 14th at booth 13940 at SHOT Show.

Crosman Corporation, an industry leader in airguns, optics and airsoft products, will unveil a wide-ranging lineup of advanced new products at SHOT Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 14. The cutting edge products will be exhibited in Crosman booth #13940 and will be available from stocking dealers, retail sporting goods stories and on-line retailers later in the year. Dealers can be found by visiting the Crosman Dealer Locator on  
Crosman and Benjamin Airguns
 NP2_with_Flames_CMYKCrosman Nitro Piston® 2

Crosman redefines break barrel air rifles with the introduction of the Nitro Piston 2 system, an all-new powerplant that generates 15 percent more speed, 35 percent more power and requires up to ten pounds less cocking force. Nitro Piston 2 features new patent pending technologies that minimize vibration and recoil, making airguns equipped with the system more accurate than ever.
Benjamin® Trail Nitro Piston 2 Break Barrel Air Rifles – Assembled in America
The Benjamin Trail series of break barrel air rifles is the first to be remade with the Nitro Piston 2 system. In conjunction with the new powerplant, Crosman unveiled the Clean Break Trigger (CBT), an all-new two-stage trigger system that breaks cleaner and pulls more smoothly while being fully adjustable for poundage and stage transition. The new CBT will be included with the Nitro Piston 2 in the Benjamin Trail rifles and additional premier break barrel airguns later in the year. The new Benjamin Trail rifles are available in .177 and .22 and feature a rifled steel barrel, industry leading sound suppression, sling mounts, integrated Picatinny rail and include a CenterPoint®3-9×32 mm scope with mounts.
Benjamin® Marauder® PCP with Hardwood Stock – Built in America
The acclaimed Benjamin Marauder hunting air rifle will be available in a hardwood stock and feature an ambidextrous comb that is height adjustable for a comfortable fit. Available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers, this Benjamin Marauder features an upgraded valve delivering a 30 percent increase in shot count and a nearly 15 percent increase in power, all while providing consistent velocities from the first pull of the trigger to the last. This rugged and well-balanced air rifle complements the popular synthetic stock Benjamin Marauder introduced in 2013. 
Benjamin Varmint Power Pack
The Benjamin® Varmint Power Pack is a powerful new .22 caliber break barrel designed for varmint, pest and small predator hunting. The three-in-one optics package included with the new Benjamin Varmint Power pack air rifle unites a CenterPoint® 4x32mm riflescope for accurate range estimation, a 90 Lumen LED flashlight and a fast acquisition laser for spotting game day or night. The new gun sports an all-weather stock offering lightweight durability in the field.  
All New Crosman 760 Pumpmaster® – Built in America
Crosman Corporation introduces the newest 760 Pumpmaster as the next in a generation of celebrated American BB/pellet rifles. First presented in 1966, the modern 760 gets a sleek new stock design, state-of-the-art performance improvements, is 30 percent easier to pump and remains close to its 1966 price. “America’s Airgun,” the all-new 760 Pumpmaster is still built in America and boasts over 16 million sold. 
Crosman Comrade AK CO2 Powered Air Rifle – Built in America
The new Crosman Comrade AK is a tactical, semi-auto, CO2-powered BB air rifle styled after popular Soviet rifles and offers considerable power and shot capacity making it an exciting choice for plinking and target shooting. The new Comrade AK sends BBs downrange at speeds up to 600 feet per second while it provides 150 shots per CO2 cartridge.
Crosman Vigilante CO2 Revolver – Built in America
The Crosman Vigilante is a semi-auto CO2 powered revolver that offers a completely modern take on classic styling and shoots both pellets and BBs. The versatile Crosman Vigilante is a single or double action pistol with a full-metal frame that is assembled in America. It’s perfect for action shooting and enjoys up to 70 shots per cartridge.
Crosman Wildcat – Built in America
The new Crosman Wildcat is a compact, powerful, pink and black BB pistol that provides a stunning 140 shots per CO2 cartridge. This compact pistol is built in America and features comfortable, checkered grips, accents of pink and a precision steel barrel for added accuracy. The Wildcat has an under-barrel Picatinny rail for adding your favorite accessories, and it has a convenient 20-shot, drop-out magazine for fast reloading.
New Brand – Marines Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Airguns
MOS 0311 Rifleman – Built in America
The new Marines MOS 0311 Rifleman is a .177 caliber, multi-pump, multi-shot pneumatic air rifle that shoots both pellets and BBs. The airgun offers velocities of up to 660 feet per second (fps) with BBs and 625 fps with pellets. The MOS 0311 Rifleman is equipped with a windage adjustable, dual aperture rear sight and an elevation adjustable front sight.
MOS 5811 Military Police – Built in America
The new MOS 5811 Military Police pistol is a CO2 powered, semi-auto pistol features a precision steel barrel, Picatinny accessory rail and polymer frame with checkered grips. The MOS 5811 Military Police pistol has a 20-shot, drop-out magazine for quick reloading, and a removable grip panel for fast replacement of CO2.

CenterPoint® Optics
CenterPoint Tactical SE Lite Enclosed Reflex Sight with Integrated Laser
The CenterPoint SE Lite Enclosed Reflex Sight is an all-new, ultra-compact, 1×30 mm enclosed reflex sight with a 3 MOA red or green dot, featuring an integrated laser. The new sight is 30 percent smaller than traditional enclosed reflex sights. The streamlined design of the new CenterPoint SE Lite gives it a slimmer profile on the gun, allowing for expanded peripheral vision and depth perception. The integrated Class IIIa red laser enables fast acquisition and precise targeting. Use the SE Lite with nearly any firearm from shotguns, to handguns and AR-style rifles, for hunting, competitive shooting and even home defense.  
Game Face Airsoft
The new Game Face Airsoft Tormentor is the first-ever advanced combination airsoft weapon featuring a unique, solid piece design that delivers double the firepower and twice the shooting fun with two distinct triggers in one gun. The Tormentor upper consists of a full or semi-auto AEG carbine with an adjustable Crane-style stock. The AEG upper features reinforced gears, triple Picatinny mounting rails, an adjustable hop up and a 375-round, high capacity magazine. The upper has a fixed post front sight, flip-up rear sight and includes an easily removable, rechargeable battery. The Tormentor lower is a spring-powered, pump action shotgun that allows the shooter to pump and shoot while holding the trigger. The shotgun lower features a metal barrel, adjustable hop up and a 15-shot magazine.
AEG Pistol, GFAP13
The Game Face Airsoft GFAP13 is the brand’s first AEG pistol and features a full metal barrel and gearbox. It has full and semi-auto firing modes, an adjustable hop up, fixed sights and a convenient, push-button magazine that holds 30 rounds. The new Game Face Airsoft GFAP13 has nearly twice the shooting capacity of other AEG pistols and provides hours of combat action.
GF529 Sniper Carbine
The new GF529 Sniper Carbine is a spring powered, single-shot rifle for players needing a long distance advantage. The bolt action GF529 shoots at 425 feet per second (fps), and features a one-piece precision metal barrel for long-range accuracy. It has an easy to load magazine that holds 29 rounds, an adjustable hop up, a durable synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad, dual Picatinny accessory rails and includes a bonus sling and speed loader. 
GFSMG Submachine Gun
The new GFSMG Submachine Gun is an authentic looking AEG with full or semi-auto capability and 300 rounds per minute rate of fire. You don’t have to stop and reload with the sizeable 800-round drum magazine, and the 320 fps firepower makes this the ultimate offensive weapon. The GFSMG Submachine Gun features a full-metal barrel, authentic rotary controls for safety and select fire, fixed sights, dual Picatinny mounting rails and shoots 300 rounds per minute. 
GFM311 Spring Powered Full Metal Pistol
The new Game Face GFM311 is a heavyweight, spring-powered pistol designed for the action of high intensity airsoft play and offer close quarter superiority. The GFM311 features a full metal frame, a quick release, 12-round magazine, velocities up to 300 fps and an easy to use cocking mechanism. 
GF600 CO2 Powered 8-Shot Revolver
The new Game Face Airsoft GF600 CO2 powered semi-auto revolver features a full metal body for a solid feel and eight individual cartridges that fit conveniently into the revolver’s realistic, swing-out cylinder. While most airsoft revolvers only provide six shots, the GF600 delivers 30% more shots with powerful velocities of 425 fps. Fire all 8 chambers as fast as you can pull the trigger. 
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