Chicago Guns Matter, Gunsmithing for Modern Firearms, Ammo on Auto-Ship – This Week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk

Mandeville, LA – It’s the continued fight for the right to own a gun in Chicago, gun rights rally updates from Arizona, gunsmithing for modern firearms, U.S. Senate races, a 21st century solution to running out of ammunition, and more, this week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated talk show about guns and the shooting sports

Encouraging the black and urban communities even before she founded Chicago Guns Matter, activist Rhonda Ezell – yes, of Ezell vs. City of Chicago – has taken to social media during Black History Month to promote positive messages of gun ownership. She joins Tom this Sunday to discuss the goals of Chicago Guns Matter and why there still isn’t a gun range in the city of Chicago. Find out more at, follow Ezell on Facebook at, and remember her battle by reading this:

Also talking with Tom this week, Tony Montanarella of the Arizona Pistol and Rifle Association (, and Judge Phil Journey with information on what looks to be close races for U.S. Senate. Plus, author Bryce Towsley brings gunsmithing to today’s firearms with his new book, Gunsmithing for Modern Firearms, (, and Dan Morton of Ammo2 has a solution so you never run out of ammunition.

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