Catfish Edge Partners With Whisker Seeker Tackle

Catfish Edge Partners With Whisker Seeker Tackle 

June 25, 2014 – FORT WORTH, TX – Catfish Edge, the industry leading catfishing resource has announced a partnership with Whisker Seeker Tackle,  in the development of a new series of fishing rods for catfish anglers and other catfish tackle products. The partnership combines the expertise of Chad Ferguson and Catfish Edge with the innovative and quality tackle manufacturing of Whisker Seeker Tackle. 

Interest in fishing for catfish continues to grow and many anglers are unhappy with the lack of innovation in tackle for catfish. They’ve been forced to use products for years that aren’t specific to the catfish species they target and the techniques they’re using. There’s a growing demand for new and innovative gear for catching cats.

Gone are the days of anglers lazily hanging a cane pole off the side of a boat and waiting for Mr. Whiskers to come along.

“This isn’t your grandpa’s way of catfishing. The modern day catfish angler has changed. They’re using advanced techniques, side imaging sonar units and investing serious money in gear to catch catfish of all sizes and species. That’s why I founded Catfish Edge and why I partnered with Whisker Seeker Tackle, catfish anglers need different gear than they’re getting today, I need different gear.”*says Chad Ferguson of Catfish Edge.

Unlike the days of past when anglers were content with “making due” with light saltwater gear or poorly matched freshwater gear for catfish, they’re no longer happy and they’re looking for more. As the anglers continue to learn new and innovative techniques for catfish, they’re looking for more advanced gear that’s capable of doing the job.

“There’s no other opportunity for freshwater anglers like catfish fishing. What can you fish for and have a fun filled day catching numbers of fish or latch into a monster trophy class fish as well? With catfish in excess of seventy-five pounds being caught all over the country on a regular basis, people have catfish fever”* says Ferguson.

Whisker Seeker Tackle combined their manufacturing and distribution skills and expertise with Ferguson’s experience of fifteen years as a professional catfish guide to develop the first in a series of fishing rods for catfish, the Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish Rods.

“I knew Chad’s expertise was second to none when it comes to catfish. When I decided to build a catfish rod I knew I wanted to tap into his experience and the Catfish Edge brand. He’d be the biggest critic, demanding nothing but quality and cutting edge innovation, plus he’s got the skills to push the rod to it’s limits on the water in testing. He broke a bunch of test models and was critical of every single aspect of the development”* says Matthew Davis, Whisker Seeker Tackle founder.

The first rod, to be released in July 2014 is a 7’6″ medium heavy, moderate fast action catfish rod. The sensitive tip and strong backbone provides an excellent general purpose catfish rod that’s capable of landing smaller catfish with finesse fishing techniques but strong enough to horse a monster blue or flathead off the bottom for trophy hunters. 

Every aspect of the rod has been designed specifically for catfish anglers, all the way down to the extra long cork-composite handle.

The rod carries an unprecedented “Trophy Tuff” warranty.  The Trophy Tuff warranty covers one year against manufacturers defects and a two year “no questions asked” warranty. Any break or damage during the first two years, even beyond manufacturers defects, Whisker Seeker will replace the rod for 50% of MSRP plus shipping for the original owner, doesn’t matter what happens. Step on it, slam it in the truck tailgate, you name it, the Trophy Tuff warranty has you covered.

The initial release of the Whisker Seeker Tackle Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish rod will be followed in 2015 by additional rod models and catfish tackle products as part of the Catfish Edge/Whisker Seeker partnership.

Chad’s got amazing insight into needs of catfish anglers and incredible product ideas. I expect a long product development and endorsement relationship between Whisker Seeker Tackle, Chad Ferguson and Catfish Edge. We’re a good fit and have a shared vision for the sport and the products it needs”* says Whisker Seeker’s Matthew Davis. 

About Catfish Edge

Texas based Catfish Edge is an innovative brand with one goal, help anglers catch more and bigger catfish driven by the Chad Ferguson’s fifteen years experience as a professional catfish guide. Catfish Edge has a “new media” focus to reaching catfish anglers of all skill and experience levels with the new, information and techniques they need to be more successful on the water. Product licensing and development is part of the continued growth plan of Catfish Edge.

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About Whisker Seeker Tackle

Iowa based Whisker Seeker Tackle was born from the demand of catfish anglers to elevate catfishing. Combining proven methods from the past with modern tactics and technology, Whisker Seeker offers innovative products to help you catch catfish!  Our products are designed for trolling, drifting, bumping and tight-lining for all species of catfish.

Our specially designed catfishing rods, lures, rigs, floats, line, and hooks improve your presentations and catch more fish.  Catfish are active predators and its time to start fishing that way. 

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