Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops Add Four Target Communications Titles

Image result for IN THE LAND OF THE BEAR (Siberia), by Denny GeurinkCabela’s/Bass Pro Shops has added four books published by Glenn Helgeland’s Target Communications to their media stable.  The four are IN THE LAND OF THE BEAR (Siberia), by Denny Geurink; THE BEAR HUNTING OBSESSION OF A DRIVEN MAN, by Bill Weisner; BECOME THE ARROW, by Byron Ferguson, and TUNING YOUR COMPOUND BOW, by Larry Wise.  All are part of Helgeland’s “On Target” series of outdoor books.

Geurink’s book is about his 25 years of hunting and outfitting/guiding for brown bear and moose hunters in Siberia, the brown bear capital of the world, in a strange land among a foreign culture.  Weisner’s book focuses on hunting black bears in North America on a D-I-Y basis, with outfitters, behind hounds and by spot-and-stalk; he has taken 57 of them, with self-bow, recurve, compound bow, crossbow, muzzleloader, shotgun, handgun and rifle.  Ferguson’s book explains and teaches the art of modern barebow shooting, for which he is internationally known as an archery trick shooter.  He’s also shot about 275 whitetails with the bow.  The subject matter of Wise’s book is self-explanatory; he is a world field archery and national target archery champion and probably the best archery technician in the world.  He’s also a top-level international archery coach and an excellent teacher.

Three books are 5.5″ x 8.5″; Geurink’s is 6″ x 9″.  All are paperback.  They range from 110 pages to 280 pages.  They are among 22 books on the outdoors Helgeland has published.

For review copies, contact Glenn Helgeland, President, Target Communications Outdoor Books, by email ( or phone (262-402-7668).

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