Branson Named to Top 10 Best Places to Travel and Avoid the Pandemic

Writer Peter Lane Taylor says in the Forbes article, “With winter unwinding, there’s finally some hope that warm weather will return, businesses will start gradually re-opening, parks will re-fill, and people will become less afraid of one another. And with that comes the unthinkable proposition that having fun finally might become normal again soon. There’s no better time than right now to start reawakening that last shred of spontaneity you have left before it’s too late for summer.” Peter is right and Branson is a great place to do that.

Branson is located in the heart of America in the beautiful Ozark Mountain region of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas and is within a day or two drive or short flight from just about anywhere. It has been said that Branson offers more fun things to do for families and couples than anywhere else you can visit across our great country.

Music and comedy shows, theme parks, aquariums, great shopping opportunities, fabulous dining, golf courses you won’t believe and much, much more await you and your family in this magical city. And, they don’t need a famous mouse to greet you.

Add in all the outdoor opportunities there are to enjoy like fishing, boating and other water activities on three local lakes including one that runs right through town. There is a plethora of hiking destinations in and around the city. If you want to really escape, bring your RV or tent and enjoy camping. You might even want to try a new type of camping called “glamping”, short for glamorous camping.

There is something fun or relaxing to do for everyone and avoid the pandemic in Branson, Missouri.

All of the COVID-19 data noted in the article was based on the most currently available data as of February 20, 2021 from the CDC COVID Data Tracker and the Harvard-Brown COVID Risk Level Map.

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