Beta Testing CDC Grade Antiseptic Sanitizer

Our first batch of CDC grade, antiseptic sanitizer is now available for beta-testing. The beta product is a 2oz. CDC grade product that comes in a spray bottle. It will be offered for free to those customers who order any of our products through our website (WarfighterHemp.Com) and use the promo code BETA. The antiseptic sanitizer will then be automatically added to your order until we run out of the Beta allotments. If you try using the code and it does not work, that means we have run out of the beta offering.

Customers will be limited to one unit of antiseptic sanitizer. While this is going on it will give us time to work out the production and get the labels printed for the finished product, and obtain survey results from our beta testers.

Etynl alcohol is the primary recommended ingredient in CDC grade antiseptic sanitizer. Warfighter Hemp does not have an unlimited supply, but because Etynl alcohol is used in the extraction of CBD from industrial hemp, we have a significant enough amount on hand and we feel that we should do something, in an ethical manner to use it to fight this pandemic.

We will not price gouge! There is nothing more abhorrent to us than the notion of trying to profit off of a national emergency and other persons misery. Most likely, we will lose money on this effort. However, because we will be offering the CBD grade, antiseptic hand sanitizer as such a low price, we are not able to provide free shipping on that product. Thank you for understanding.

Furthermore, we want to target those who need this scarce product the most in the current environment…hospital workers, first-responders and other public servants, and by public servants, that extends to those who stock and run our grocery stores and other food service providers at this time.

The first fifty bottle case of Warfighter Hemp Antiseptic Sanitizer that will be donated is already designated to my friend Aaron, an FDNY firefighter in midtown Manhattan (see Aaron’s video below). We will be reaching out to Boulder, Colorado Police Department and Fire, as well as others. Please provide us with your input on where these donated items should be directed as well.

The way we likely will be able to offer the antiseptic sanitizer for free to these organizations will be through the sales on our website. Again, we will not price gauge, but by charging a fair and low price, we should be able to donate a free bottle of antiseptic sanitizer to a first responder or frontline pandemic fighter for every bottle that is sold on the website. In other words, by protecting yourself and your family, you will be protecting others on the front lines of this epidemic as well.

If you have any other constructive ideas on how we might better do this than as outlined above, please reply to this email.


Team Warfighter Hemp

Meet Aaron, our friend who is a New York City Fireman. We plan on shipping some of our Force Protection CDC grade sanitizer to him as soon as possible. Aaron is also part of the Spartan Sword team who travels around the country to share with those currently serving and veterans that they are never alone. Watch the video here.

1500mg CBD per bottle - Gel CapsulesNew Product Alert!

Why gel caps? Some appreciate it for being travel-friendly, quick to take and in a familiar form all minus any taste. We are offering this at $109.99, and remember, verified Veterans always receive 50% off their orders.

1500mg CBD per bottle – Gel Capsules


  • 100 gel capsules per bottle
  • 1 capsule = 15 mg of CBD
  • Ingredients: hemp oil, full spectrum distillate, 1500 mg CBD
  • Made with hemp organically grown in Colorado


Don’t Stress on Shipping

We are in unknown waters right now where some of us might be relegated to our homes for a period of unknown duration. It is a period of great stress and anxiety and we at Warfighter Hemp want to help. We care deeply about our customers’ well-being and will be waiving all shipping fees until April 15th when you use the promo code “CORONA” when checking out at (Note: if you have multiple promo codes, you may need to enter the promo codes separately, one at a time, for the shipping fee to be waived.)

NEW – because we are offering the CBD grade, antiseptic hand sanitizer as such a low price, we are not able to provide free shipping on that product. Thank you for understanding. 

Bonus…50% of the sales profits go to vetted charities that support wounded veterans.

Thank you for your patronage and please, feel free to hit “reply” or text my number below. We are here to help.

Steve “Luker” Danyluk
Founder, Warfighter Hemp