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imageBe a part of something big as we unleash a whole new level of support for the wildlife we love. Your support will help strengthen SCI Foundation’s overall mission, including the three brand new strategies shown below.

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After being introduced to Safari Club International Foundation and its expansive list of endeavors, Lindsey and I determined to earmark some of our annual philanthropic funds to the Foundation and to also actively get involved with the organization in hopes that our children may observe the same experiences we have enjoyed in the field both locally and abroad. We have seen the tremendous results from programs such as youth hunting education, anti-poaching initiatives, and the Blue Bag Program which supplies clothing and school supplies to children worldwide. As we begin introducing our children to the hunting world and community, we will strive to instill the same values that we have been blessed to learn from our travels and experiences which includes the need to give back to organizations like Safari Club International Foundation, so all of us may continue enjoying the hunting fields both locally and abroad.

Scott and Lindsey Hutchison, SCIF Supporters

Three new SCI Foundation major initiatives in wildlife conservation


imageBig cat conservation has been a primary focus of the SCIF Department of Science-based Conservation activities in Africa in recent years within the existing strategic plan. African leopard conservation was identified by SCI and SCIF leadership and presented to the SCIF Board at their summer 2019 meeting. We agreed upon this focal area for several important reasons: Learn More


imageThe grizzly bear is among the most iconic species of the American west and a symbol of the success of the North American model of wildlife management. Thanks to the largely hunter-funded efforts of state and provincial agencies and the federal governments in the United States and Canada, grizzly populations have exceeded goals established in the Endangered Species List recovery plan. There are several important reasons that grizzly conservation was chosen as a focal strategy: Learn More


imageChronic wasting disease (CWD) is the most important wildlife disease issue currently facing big-game species in North America. It was identified as a potential focal strategy at the Conservation Committee strategy meeting in July 2019 and presented to the Board at their meeting in fall 2019. We agreed upon this focal area for several important reasons: Learn More

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