The Shooting Sports Showcase is a private event for shooting industry professionals. It provides firearms companies with the opportunity to showcase their products to distributors, dealers, and members of the media.

  • Who: Shooting industry representatives (manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers) and media
  • What: Industry-exclusive event designed to give firearms industry representatives a day to showcase new products to members of the media, dealers, and wholesalers
  • Where: Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, Alabama
  • When: March 8, 2021
  • Why: Because shooting sports are as popular and important as ever
  • How: See below for registration links

Upon completion of the registration form, all travel, hotel, and event details will be provided.

Media – official media covering the shooting, hunting, and outdoor sports only Click for Details and to Register
Distributor/Dealer – owners, managers, buyers and other official team members of distributors, gun stores, or sporting goods stores that carry guns and ammunition – Dealers should contact the distributors that they work with to see if they are attending, or to encourage them to attend. Click for Details and to Register
Exhibitor shooting sports industry companies Click for Details and to Register


Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association
Alabama Mountain Lakes
American Tactical Inc.
AXIL Hearing Performance
Bangers USA
Blackout Defense
Bowden Tactical
Century Arms
Colbert County Tourism and Convention Bureau
Dark Storm Industries LLC
DRD Tactical
Fiocchi of America
Heckler & Koch
MKS Supply
Otis Technology
Riton Optics
Savage Arms
SCCY Industries
SIG Sauer
Smith’s Consumer Products, Inc.
Sol Invictus Arms
Sure-Shot Game Calls
Taurus Holdings, Inc
Taylor’s & Company
TETRA Hearing
XS Sights

51 Pawn & Gun LLC
Action Loan & Jewelry
Amchar Wholesale Inc
Bangers USA
Chattanoooga Shooting Supplies, Inc.
Creedmoor Sports, Inc.
Elite Pawn & Jewelry Inc.
Gold, Guns, and Guitars
Gun Depot USA
Guns Gear & Ammo
Hicks, Inc
Lipsey’s LLC
On Target Shooting Range, Inc
Premier Pawn And Pistol
Quik Pawn Shop
The Firing Pin
The Sportsmans Headquarters


Addington, Matt
Alcazar, Beth

Anstine, Mia
Bane, Michael
Bartman, Griffin
Baya, Joseph
Brune, Herman
Carroll, Scott
Claycomb III, Tom
Clemons, Alan
Cobbett, Chris
Cobbett, Dylan
Crawford, Dennis
Dover, Christopher

Eger, Christopher
Faw, Michael
Fears, J. Wayne
Finch, Steve
Fleming, Trent
Foster, Matt
Frost, Brad
George Strother, Emily
Giles, Mike
Gould, Aaron
Gould, Steve
Grant, James
Gresham, Ryan
Hawkins, David

Hazel, Jessica
Hines, Richard
Honeycutt, Josh
Huff, Michael
Jarnagin, Kevin

Jones, Dick
Juchnowski, Serena
Langston, Jay
Locatis, Josh
Mallory, Stephanie

McFarlin, Molly
Metesh, Logan
Metz, Roger

Miller, Bill
Opre, Tom
Paulson, Kevin

Phillips, John
Potter, Tim
Powers, Katherine

Rackley, Paul
Radzwilla, John
Radzwilla, Natalie
Riehl, Fredy
Rogers, Pete
Santi, John David

Santiago, Dennis
Shepherd, Jim
Thierry, Butch
Tiller, Brooks
van Zwoll, Wayne
Wheeler, Glenn
Zimmerman, Dan


Click here to open a PDF with exhibitor pricing, sponsorship opportunities, and range layouts.

Thank you Event Sponsors — we appreciate your support!

Savage Arms Otis Technology
Bergara CVA
Fiocchi of America Sure-Shot Game Calls
Blackout Defense