As you consider submitting a bid for a POMA business conference, please keep in mind the critical nature of the bid being a cooperative effort between the local convention and visitors bureau, the lodging facility, and the state’s office of tourism.

Because POMA is an international association of traditional outdoor sports journalists and outdoor industry professionals, the format for the business conference:


2019 14th Annual Conference
Wichita, Kansas

  • Involves interaction with tourism to help member journalists generate editorial coverage of hunting, fishing, shooting and trapping opportunities at both the local and state levels.
  • Includes two outdoor events that showcase a local park or facility with ample grounds for 100 vendor displays and direct access to water, boat launch and dock; and a full-service shooting range.
  • Allows the local area, state and host facility an opportunity to directly address and interact with the Media and Corporate Partner Members to encourage them to cover each through their magazine, newspaper and Web publications, television, radio and Web-based broadcasts; and to continue to travel to and do business in the region and/or state.
  • Benefits the local host and state. Conference hosts have an opportunity to build relationships with the most renowned traditional outdoor sports industry journalists and movers and shakers — the professionals who drive the outdoor recreation industry.
  • Begins Tuesday and ends Thursday (with potential post-conference events on Friday), usually during the second or third week of June.
  • Involves staff arrival the Thursday before conference and departure the Sunday after.

Bid Requirements

POMA conferences require very specific services. Host areas (CVB’s) are encouraged to submit bids from more than one lodging facility. Bids with only one lodging facility are acceptable if the facility meets all requirements as described within the RFP. Once the bid forms (for a specific year) have been received, up to four qualified bidders will be selected as finalists for each year being considered. BIDS MUST INCLUDE A COMPLETED CVB PORTION OF THE RFP. IF MORE THAN ONE PROPERTY IS BIDDING, ONLY ONE CVB SUBMISSION IS NECESSARY.

  • Finalists or the site selected are required to provide round-trip transportation and lodging for two nights for a POMA representative(s) – maximum three – to travel to the bid city to inspect facilities, determine adequacy of services and develop a conference plan.
  • Bid finalists are encouraged to attend POMA’s annual conference when the site selection is scheduled, to present information to members in attendance and to the board of directors.
  • The winning bid city is required to send representatives to the annual conference the year prior to hosting the conference and host a reception during that conference to promote its location.
  • Selection is not final until the board votes to accept a proposed bid and a room contract is executed.

The benefits to your area/state that result from hosting the world’s most noted traditional outdoor sports journalist’s organization can’t be overstated.

Why is POMA an important resource for your area?

  • POMA’s journalists reach millions of outdoor consumers – readers and viewers – on a daily basis
  • Attendee journalists generate more than $1.5 million in ad equivalent editorial content as a result of the 3-day event.
  • Your area, CVB and state have the opportunity to help POMA members generate story material while they’re attending conference – stories specific to your area and recreational offerings.
  • Host site enhances and builds new relationships with the media to ensure coverage of your area/state for decades to come.
  • POMA’s Corporate Partner members become familiar with the amenities and types of service they can expect should they also decide to schedule corporate outings, meetings, conferences, conventions or media excursions to your area.
  • The host site enjoys the most unique and economically beneficial opportunities to meet and greet media and industry professionals.

Bids for the 2019 event are now being accepted.

The board selects the site city, one to two years in advance, usually from three finalists.

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Thanks for your interest in POMA.

For further information, please contact:

Kevin Orthman
POMA Executive Director

Shelly Moore
POMA Membership Director