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Getting Hunt Ready – This Week on Guns & Gear

Mandeville, LA – This week on Guns & Gear: Head to Oklahoma with Ruger’s 6.5 PRC Hawkeye Long Range Hunter. Plus, gear up with Black Hills Ammunition’s 5.56 & .308 Winchester with Barnes TSX bullets; Sig Sauer’s SIERRA6BDX riflescope; the Compass II & Venture II from Thompson/Center Arms; and some of KJ’s field favorites. Guns... Read More

This week on DSC’s Kinder Outdoors

Lionel Ferguson in east Tennessee caught the IGFA world record black crappie two years ago. 5.7 lbs!! There has been rumor of a bigger crappie, over six ponds, but no real proof. Lionel’s giant came from a 1 acre stock pond, the same place that he caught a 4 pounder and a 3 plus. The... Read More

Support The 2A Community & Get Cool Patches!

  July 22, 2020 Rusk, TX -FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-   For the second year we are bringing together twelve Pro Second Amendment groups with an opportunity to work toward a common goal. We will buy a lot of patches. Those patches will be a resource for them This project ends on Sunday July 26, 2020 at midnight PST.... Read More

Training with Maryland Junior Shannon Moriarty

A year and a half after her first ever highpower match, Shannon Moriarty of Maryland has made significant strides in her scores, experiences and level of competition. At only 11 years old, she is an inspiration for young marksmen. Shannon has gathered success from a combination of natural talent and hard work through dry-fire training... Read More

The Case For– and Against — Reloading Your Own Ammunition

For some, reloading (often referred to as handloading) ammunition is a hobby; for others, a necessity. And even though reloading is an activity that traditionally has been assigned to male firearm enthusiasts, more women than ever are undertaking this rewarding endeavor. Reloading is made up of a series of simple and repeatable tasks, and its... Read More

Eric Hollis Slings

Looking to give back to the high power community, Eric Hollis of Palm Coast, FL, never dreamed he would fill the need for an easily reachable quality sling maker. Hollis was raised and attended culinary school in Michigan, working at the top restaurants in Detroit. His rave reviews led him to San Francisco, tied with... Read More

Hunting with Type 1 Diabetes

Buck fever. Deer shakes. Whatever one decides to call it, all hunters experience some sort of emotional flood with a wild animal in front of them. For me, it usually comes as an intense focus with heightened attention to every movement and sound. Heart pounding and my breath slowing as I line up a shot.... Read More