POMA Membership List Use Rights

The POMA membership mailing list is for the use of POMA members only.

  • The list may not be loaned or sold to outside entities or used for promotions beyond those described here
  • Penalties apply for unauthorized use
  • Authorized use of the list is unlimited
Media and associate (Individual) Member list use

POMA’s mailing list may only be used for communications regarding an individual member’s personal journalistic work. Individual members may not promote non-member entities or events.

Corporate Partner Member List Use

Corporate Partners may utilize the POMA membership list for promotion of the CPs business, services, products, and company owned brands.

The Corporate Partner member must be the key/primary focus of the news item/press release, not an ancillary mention as part of another company/organization’s (non-member’s) release. All contact and about information must be for CP member, and take-action directives must go through the CP member (i.e. contest sign up, Facebook like)

Public Relations Agencies that are POMA members may use the membership list to promote their agency business and POMA member clients, but not non-POMA-member clients.

Member List Use Violations

Violation of POMA’s Membership List Use Rights by a POMA member may result in charges for use of the list at $500 per unauthorized usage or other disciplinary action as defined by the board of directors and POMA’s governing documents.

Violation(s) of POMA’s Membership List Use Rights by non-members result in a charge of $1,300, per unauthorized use, to the violating party. Additional remedies, as allowed by law, also may be pursued.