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Membership in POMA affords a wide range of benefits. From important networking opportunities, to membership directories, to high-level business education, POMA services are primarily focused on helping members build and grow their businesses and keep pace with new media and technology.

POMA is set apart from other organizations on several levels:

  • POMA helps members increase income and knowledge. From Money Line, to conference or teleseminar business-building sessions, to Biz Tips and Biz Discounts, each POMA service is focused on helping members make money.
  • POMA fights for members rights at all levels. POMA has taken the lead in protecting members’ right to free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, affecting changes in regulations that hamper members’ ability to conduct business fairly and economically, and mediating business-related disputes. No other outdoor communications organization is equally involved.
  • POMA does not waver from its founding focus on the traditional outdoor sports of hunting, fishing, shooting and trapping. POMA members are as committed to these sports as they are to their businesses.
  • POMA unites communicators and industry for the benefit and future of the traditional outdoor sports and outdoor communications.
  • POMA breaks the outdoor journalist organization mold. The status quo is not adequate. POMA strives to find new ways to help members make money, put members in forefront of technology and new media and deliver cutting-edge services not offered by peer groups.
  • POMA encourages member participation, through open-door communication. The board and management don’t want members to simply take advantage of services. Make POMA better. If the organization is missing the mark? Say so. Have a great idea? Share it. Want POMA to build on an already great service? Offer suggestions.

If you are involved in traditional outdoor sports:

  • journalism
  • freelance writing
  • editing
  • photography
  • broadcasting
  • digital media
  • publishing, print or digital
  • product development
  • wildlife management
  • conservation
  • public relations

POMA is for you. Apply for POMA Membership.

Together, we’re doing great things!