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As a POMA member, in addition to being recognized as a professional communicator and member of the industry’s premier media organization, you receive a lot of big bang for your membership bucks.  Compare POMA to other national organization.

Membership Advocacy — When the organization identifies an issue that negatively impacts members, their businesses and/or working environments, POMA steps in. POMA has been effective issues such as First Amendment rights, fees for filming on public lands and rules regarding air travel with lithium batteries.

Website — POMA offers organization information, news, membership services and more through a high-level Content Management System (CMS). The website is interactive, allows members to make posts (news and comments) and is updated daily in real time. Although headlines to all news and services posts show to both the public and membership, only members have access to services such as Money Line, POMA Briefs, Biz Tips, Business Discounts and other member-only services.

POMA Briefs — POMA’s member newsletter is emailed to members weekly. Keep up with everything POMA, get Biz Tips and Money Line listings, see what’s happening with members.

Annual Business Conference — POMA holds an annual business conference incorporating business-building sessions and interactive field events. The purpose of the conference is to assist members, media and corporate, in growing their businesses, offer networking opportunities, promote and exchange of ideas and generate editorial content.

Money Line — Job opportunities and market listings are emailed to members as they are received. POMA members often have access to these opportunities before they are listed anywhere else. Career opportunities and market listings for journalists, PR specialists, graphic designers, sales and marketing people and more are included. An archive of Money Line listings also is accessible on the member website.

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Biz Tips — Biz Tips are posted to the POMA website. POMA staff and volunteers share great tips to make your life easier — tips focused on what you do and what you need. Tons of helpful tips for both media and CP members are included.

Business Discounts Program — Valuable business products and services are discounted to POMA members. Offers include travel services, advertising, website hosting, cameras, computer equipment and more. The Business Discounts Directory is accessed through the member website. Any company/organization that offers business-related products or services of value to POMA members are encouraged to participate in POMA’s Business Discount Program.

Teleseminars/Webinars Highly focused, 30- to 45-minute educational sessions on business, craft, finances, new media and technology offer members opportunities to continue to grow their businesses. No other media organization offers this service to its members. The only charge to attend sessions is a long-distance call-in fee for some sessions.

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POMA<25 — Created especially for members under 25, POMA<25 is focused on bringing young professionals together so they can network and build relationships now that will serve them and the industry as they move up the corporate and freelance ladders. Veteran members enjoy working with this group as mentors, providing advice and guidance young professionals need to be successful at work and in life.

CP News — Utilizing a real-time, interactive, online, posting system, CPs may post news releases, business announcements and new product information with images. Media members can quickly and easily access news when visiting the organization website. A CP News archive also is maintained on the POMA website.

Member News — Utilizing a real-time, interactive, online, posting system, Media members’ highlight business accomplishments and other personal news. News posts simultaneously to the Media Member News archive and the Member News block on the website home page. A Media Member News archive also is maintained on the POMA website.

Organization News —  Organization news is posted to the website continuously. News is available on the home page in the POMA News block as well as in an archive, under the News tab.

Pinnacle Awards —  Annually POMA honors the year’s best member works in six categories: magazine writing, newspaper/Web writing, photography/illustration/ artwork, broadcast, book and conservation. Honorees receive the handsome Telluride Slate Award (r) and a substantial cash gift.

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Real-time Profile Update System — Using this system, members ensure that their contact information is always current. The system is also connected to the application process, so new members may access their profiles the day their application is approved.

Online Membership Directory — The online directory is set up to work in concert with the application and member profile update systems, ensuring that directory information is current. Members may search the databases on several criteria such as name, company, state and a wide range os specialties.

Printable/Downloadable Directories — Membership directories are available directly from the website for either print or download as a digital (.csv/Excel) file. Directories include up-to-the-minute information.

Member Mailing Lists — POMA membership lists, for mailing or emailing, are available to members free of charge. Members may download mailing lists directly from the website.

Individual POMA Email Address — Members may request a personalized email address, such as yourname @ Send requests to

Trade Partnerships — POMA is committed to connecting media and industry to ensure the future of outdoor communications and the traditional outdoor sports. POMA is the first and only media organization to become a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), American Sportfishing Association (ASA) and Archery Trade Association (ATA). Membership in these organizations has helped POMA to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with these key trade groups.

POMA/NSSF Grits Gresham Communicator Award; POMA Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award; and POMA/ATA Fred Bear Archery & Bowhunting Communicator of the Year Award — These awards are tremendous benefits to the organization and the communicators who receive the honors. The awards were developed through partnerships with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, American Sportfishing Association and Archery Trade Association. The awards are presented at premier functions such as the SHOT, ICAST and ATA Shows.

Surveys — POMA’s leadership wants to hear from members on a wide range of organizational issues. So, from time to time, surveys or links to online survey forms are emailed to members. By participating in these surveys, members help to shape POMA, its direction and the services it develops.


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