As a POMA member, along with being recognized as a professional communicator and member of the industry’s premier media, you receive a host of other benefits for your membership dollars.  Compare POMA with another national organization.

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Press Discounts

Airline Luggage Discounts


Press Credentials

Access and media accreditation at SHOT Show, ATA, SCI, ICAST, and other trade shows

Free access to Ducks Unlimited DUX

exclusive access

Member Only Invitation to POMA content creation events

Participation in the Shooting Sports Showcase

POMA Conference and Member Networking Opportunities

Pinnacle Awards —  Annually POMA honors the year’s best member works in six categories: magazine writing, newspaper/Web writing, photography/illustration/ artwork, broadcast, book and conservation.

Online Membership Directory — The online directory is set up to work in concert with the application and member profile update systems, ensuring that directory information is current. Members may search the databases on several criteria such as name, company, state and a wide range of specialties.

Individual POMA Email Address — Members may request a personalized email address, such as yourname @ Send requests to

Mentorship & Job opportunities

POMA Money Line Listings

Top Industry Professionals and Companies

POMA<25 — Created especially for members under 25, POMA<25 is focused on bringing young professionals together so they can network and build relationships now that will serve them and the industry as they move up the corporate and freelance ladders. Veteran members enjoy working with this group as mentors, providing advice and guidance young professionals need to be successful at work and in life. Conference scholarships are often offered to this group.