Protect a PC from Malware

Often when a computer starts being sluggish or acting weird, users brush it off as “age” or accumulation of files and programs. Their second thought is usually that they’ve gotten a virus. While these things are top contributors to slower computer performance, they’re not always to blame. One of the most often overlooked, and potentially... Read More

Adding Page Numbers and Bookmarks in Google Docs

File sharing via the cloud continues to be a popular option for several people to work on the same document in a central location. However, if you have large documents, it can be daunting to point everyone in the right direction and keep them from having to search for the information they need. Fortunately, Google... Read More

SEO Tactics to Increase Google Rankings

Search engine optimization techniques are usually categorized as on-page and off-page. While most tips to improve SEO rankings encourage you to focus predominantly on keyword optimization, the best strategies cover both on-page and off-page tactics. Paying attention to only keywords can actually take away from your overall success. Ranking at the top of Google’s search... Read More

Creative Resume Alternatives May Help Land a Dream Marketing Job

Marketing is all about catching people’s attention. What better way to land a great marketing job than to do something unconventional and unique. Going beyond the predictable resume can show potential employers that you’re not afraid to take chances. Being creative may not land you the job, but it might help you get noticed and... Read More

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

Despite the buzz that social media creates, email still remains a key player in successful marketing plans. Outdated email marketing strategies won’t be effective, though, so it’s time to reevaluate and update your campaign. Creating emails that actually connect with your recipients, rather than just generic sales offers, can help reduce your chance of being... Read More

Tricks to Staying Motivated and Inspired

One of the big buzz phrases in recent years has been “stay hungry”. Staying hungry generally means to stay determined to reach one’s goals and dreams. Sometimes this is pretty easy and doesn’t require much thought, but sometimes it can be hard to keep your motivation to achieve what you want. When you’re struggling, there... Read More

Tips for Gorgeous Nature Photo Lighting

Nature can provide photographers with the most incredible lighting to take photos. Using it the right way can really enhance your images and take them to a new level. It’s very common to take pictures at sunrise and get stunning results, but there are many more tricks to using natural lighting. Having these tricks in... Read More

Seven Networking Tips

Networking is a vital part of success in any industry. One of the more challenging aspects of networking is that you’re often doing it with others in your industry, who also can be your competition. Building those connections is important, but how do you also keep your competitive edge? There are some creative ways to... Read More

Google Cloud Print Being Phased Out

Google has trimmed its product offerings pretty aggressively this year. They’ve axed Inbox, Google+ and their URL shortener. These may or may not have had much of an impact on most users, but the next victim may affect more. Google Cloud Print, which made it possible to print from many different devices, is next on... Read More

2019 Holiday Marketing Insights

Of all the available tools in a marketer’s arsenal, consumers consistently choose video as one of their favorite types of content to view. A recent study by Animoto confirmed that customers want to see videos when browsing your products, or when they’re ready to buy. For that reason, a large percentage of marketers are planning... Read More