The Importance of the Right Blog Content

Starting a blog for a brand is a great step to drive traffic to its site. But what if you’ve done that, posted articles, and provided what you think everyone needs to know about your products – and haven’t gotten the response you expected? Simply writing blog content isn’t enough – it needs to be... Read More

Choosing the Right Focus Mode for Every Situation

Photographers, both new and experienced, often find themselves struggling with focus modes. It’s relatively safe to say that leaving your camera in auto-focus mode isn’t the optimal choice for every photo you take. Although sometimes auto-focus works out well, getting super sharp images means choosing the right focus mode. There are several guidelines that you... Read More

Manage Windows 10 Updates

Windows updates have a bizarre reputation of occurring at the most inopportune times. Windows 10 seems to have taken that track record to new levels, especially since you can’t choose to forgo updates like you could in previous versions. You can, however, manage the updates to a certain extent. These options can help you have... Read More

Create a Social Media Report

If there was any question that social media would continue to be a big player in marketing in 2020, it certainly has been answered. In fact, due to COVID-19 and so many people being at home and online, it may be even bigger than anyone could have anticipated. Tracking the outcome of your social media... Read More

Where to Post Video Content Marketing

Many brands use video content marketing to connect with their target audience. Consumers are more visual than ever, and a site with video can capture a visitor’s attention for a longer period of time than a site without video. Using video can allow brands to show their personality, engage their viewers, and have some fun... Read More

Best Practices for Using LinkedIn

Among all the social sites, LinkedIn remains the largest professional networking platform available. Using it properly is the key to making sure you’re getting the most benefit from it. A common misperception is that LinkedIn is only to post your resume and then wait for your dream job to find its way to you. The... Read More

Writing a Social Media Proposal

One of the most crucial steps in winning over a client to provide social media management or other services is delivering them a business proposal. The proposal can really allow you to shine and prove that you’re the right one to understand their needs and that you have a plan to meet those needs. It... Read More

Evergreen Content for Photography Websites

Photographers have often been told that they need to have a blog on their website to increase SEO ranking. But at the end of the day, most photographers aren’t writers and they have a hard time keeping fresh content on the blog. That’s where evergreen content can come into play. The simplest definition of evergreen... Read More

Facebook’s Photo and Video Transfer Tool Now Available

Facebook has faced some criticism for its lack of options available to users who wanted to move or share their content to other platforms. Not everyone will want to share information such as friends lists to another network, but there may come a time that you do. Even if you don’t want to transfer and... Read More

Writing the Perfect Blog Post

It seems as though everyone has a blog these days. Just because someone is writing a blog doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good. But when you find someone who is doing it right, it may inspire you to create your own great blog. Putting some thought and effort in before you begin writing your blog post... Read More