Podcast Tips

Are you a human being? Yes? Then you’ve probably given at least some thought to starting your own podcast. According to Podcast Index, there are over 5 million active podcasts around today. There’s never been a better to time to share your unique perspective than right now. Plus, as writers, photographers, and creatives, starting a... Read More

Honest Marketing

In this digital era, it seems impossible to make it through a day without being inundated with senseless information. No matter where we go, somebody is vying for our attention. Companies promise quick fixes, shortcuts, and life hacks. If you’re like me, you ignore 99% of ads simply because there isn’t enough time to process... Read More

Editing Tips

Back in high school, I had an English teacher who would always say “there’s no such thing as a great writer, there are only great editors.”  In all honesty, I don’t remember much of what I learned from that time, but this line always stuck with me. The same teacher would also consistently remind her... Read More

Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is often associated with executive decisions, business situations, and stock options.  Its true, understanding opportunity cost is essential in these areas of professional life, but it can also be applied to your own personal life. Understanding the opportunity cost of the decisions you make can be life-changing. What stood out to me in... Read More

Focus on the Finish Line

When I hear the word “paradise”, the image at right is basically what materializes in my mind. Land, views, and a home are right at the top of my list of desired achievements. But, in the everyday struggles of life, it can be easy to lose track of any goal.  Life these days is chaos,... Read More

Lightroom Tutorial

Today, lets get back to one of the common themes of Biz Tips: photography. Consider this a next-step to the article posted on wildlife photography essentials. So, you have your amazing wildlife photos, but now there’s the question of what to do with them. The content of your photos may be magical, but they will... Read More

Work Smart and Hard

The subject matter today may seem to lack application for many of you.  After all, we’re writers, videographers, and media specialists.  Most of us have attended college, and probably passed with flying colors.  I myself am currently in my final year of college, hoping that the last 3 years of hard work and debt will... Read More

Email Etiquette

I hope this Biz Tip finds you well, because today, we’re talking about email etiquette.  Is it fun to talk about?  Not necessarily.  Is it a valuable skill that can be the difference between success and failure in your workplace?  I believe so. When I first heard about POMA, it was from outdoor writer and... Read More

How to Do Nothing At All

This isn’t much of a business tip, per say.  It’s more of an “anti-business” tip.  Every now and then, I think its essential to take a break from the grind of everyday life and just go do something stupid, spontaneous, or a combo of both those things. For me, these types of trips usually start... Read More

Wildlife Photography Essentials

I dare you to browse Instagram for twenty minutes without coming across content from a wildlife photographer. If your feed looks anything like mine, this would be an impossible task. Thousands of wildlife photographers are constantly uploading content onto a plethora of media outlets. Amongst all this noise, I found the work of POMA’s own... Read More