Measuring Social Brand Equity

Brand equity isn’t measured the same way it was in the pre-digital world. Today, social media plays a big part in the perception of a brand, and can influence whether potential customers decide to do business with you. If you don’t know what is being said about your brand on social media, you could really... Read More

Inspiration for Blog Topics

Coming up with fresh, new ideas for blog posts can sometimes be challenging. Unique content is critical to keeping your readers engaged and interested. But what do you do when you just can’t come up with something to write about? It’s a good idea to have a few resources up your sleeve in case you... Read More

Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Bloggers generally face one common problem in relation to their blog….how to increase traffic. They pore diligently over their analytics and statistics and often don’t see steady, or any, growth. If you had a successful plan that previously grew your blog traffic it can be frustrating that the same plan isn’t still effective, but the... Read More

Content Creation is the New Copywriting

With the ever-increasing switch to digital mediums for content, the terms used to describe those who create and distribute content has changed, too. Gone are the days of “copywriting” as it was in its true form. However, even though the verbiage is different, the necessity to create relevant, quality content is just as important as... Read More

Link Google Ads and Google Analytics

Social media marketers often use two of Google’s top tools — Google Ads and Google Analytics — together. Google Analytics has always been invaluable to monitoring your website traffic statistics, and adjusting your marketing plan accordingly. Now being able to see how your Google Ads are performing, right along with your Google Analytics statistics, gives... Read More

Steps to a More Effective Marketing Strategy

Guidelines to using social media effectively for marketing can change on almost a daily basis. If you think having a social media marketing strategy that changes with each platform, or that changes each time a platform switches things up, you may be wasting your time. Often, the most effective marketing strategies come from a solid... Read More

Choosing Blog Keywords

Keywords are more important than ever for bloggers. Not only can they help get your content ranked higher in SEO, but they’ll also help you reach the audience you want to target. You could try to find the right keywords on your own, but there are resources available that make it easier to find keywords,... Read More

Disabling the Windows 10 Action Center Sidebar

Last week, we shared how to tweak the Windows 10 Action Center to keep it from being less annoying. Maybe you tried those tweaks, but it still just wasn’t the resolution you wanted. While the Action Center can be useful for some, if you’re one of those that would rather do without it, you’ll be... Read More

Why (and How) to Backup Images

There is no better insurance policy for your images (and other important files) than a backup. It’s a no-brainer to think of protecting our home, car, health, life, etc., but how seriously do you take a plan to ensure your images are protected? Nobody wants to think that a disaster can happen to them, or... Read More