Best Antivirus to Keep Your Windows PC Safe

With more individuals working from home, there is an increased risk of viruses or other threats affecting their computer. People may assume they’re not at risk because they’re careful about what they click on and what sites they visit, but often that isn’t enough. In addition to accidentally clicking on a suspicious (or even not... Read More

Understanding Different Image File Formats

Image files have long been a source of perplexity for photographers. Shooting your image in the right file format can have an impact on every aspect of your workflow. From the quality of the image to the ease of post-processing, choosing the right file format makes a difference. There are pros and cons for each... Read More

Best Times to Post on Social Media

Everyone knows that a social media presence is important to growing your business. What you may not know is that when you post content can be just as important as the content itself. Posting at different times on different platforms can help ensure you’re getting the most exposure for your content and brand. Knowing when... Read More

Identify the Best Digital Marketing Channels

The number of digital marketing channels available can be somewhat overwhelming to brands. With so many options, do you need to be on all of them? Are there some that are more effective than others? The truth is, you probably don’t need to be on every single channel. Taking the time to examine your needs,... Read More

Create Facebook Live Videos that People will Watch

Facebook Live is a great way to engage with your followers. With the events of 2020, more people than ever tuned to watch Facebook Live broadcasts. Going live can give you an incredible opportunity to interact with followers by letting them ask questions, give feedback, react and comment. The key to making sure you get... Read More

Windows 10 Security Tips

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to give some thought to your computer’s security. So much of our day-to-day life is now digital, and that makes it extremely vulnerable to hackers and scammers who try to gain access to your personal information. Taking a few minutes to become familiar with... Read More

Backup Your Facebook Data

In the most recent POMA Insight Session with Chuck Rossi (available soon on the POMA website), he mentioned that anyone’s Facebook (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) account could be deleted at any time. In light of recent events with social media platforms, backing up your Facebook information has never been a better idea. Taking a few simple... Read More

Content Marketing Builds Trust

Trust may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking at building your brand. However, data shows that trust is quickly becoming a top priority for consumers. It’s hard for them to know who to trust online, especially when making purchases. Spending decisions are being made more carefully and when customers... Read More

Understanding the Exposure Triangle to Improve Images

Exposure plays a critical role in great images. Leaving your camera set on auto doesn’t always produce the quality that you’re looking for when shooting photos. Understanding how light interacts with your camera is important to making sure you’re choosing the right exposure settings for your camera. There are three main things to take into... Read More

Using Instagram’s New Keyword Search Option

Instagram has been implementing lots of changes and updates recently. They’ve given marketers new tools and improved their reels and stories, but they’ve missed improving the ability to search for posts without hashtags….until now. Their most recent update makes it possible for your posts to be found, and it can also help you find customers... Read More