Tips to Maximize Instagram Reels Content

Reels continues to be a huge part of Instagram. They now make up 20% of the reason why viewers spend time on Instagram. However, it can be tricky to create Reels that are unique and keep capturing viewers’ attention. Fortunately, Instagram has provided some guidance on the best way to do that, with some influence... Read More

Update Your POMA Profile — Help POMA Help You

Connecting with other members to grow your business is one of the biggest benefits of belonging to POMA. What you may not know is that many times members reach out to POMA staff to ask for recommendations for content creators or companies who cover a certain segment, topic, or industry. Members can also perform detailed... Read More

Comparison of Security Software for Mac Products

Although Macs aren’t as likely to be targeted for viruses and hacking as Windows computers are, they’re not completely safe from attacks. It is recommended that everyone have an antivirus program to protect them from password and iPhone backup thefts. There aren’t quite as many options as there are for PCs, but it can still... Read More

The Best Free VPN’s for Android Users

Virtual private networks, VPN’s, are important to use to protect information when you are away from a secure, trusted network and need to access the internet. However, most people don’t use a VPN often enough to spend a lot of money on one. While some of the more protective options cost money, there are some... Read More

Social Media Content You Should Post

Social media takes up a much larger part of our lives today than even just a few years ago. Most people spend at least two hours a day scrolling through their feeds, which makes it one of the best places for your brand to connect with customers and potential customers. However, with how fast social... Read More

Mac Features That Will Help Transform Your Desktop

Individuals who use the Mac operating system, whether for years or a few months, might know how boring the default setup can be. Or, you may just want to add some personal touches to make your operating system more functional, or fun. There are many ways to personalize your Mac operating system that you may... Read More

Marketing Statistics Everyone Should Know

Marketing on social media can be a challenge, especially when there are so many different components that go into it. Online marketing has evolved over the years, so what may have worked a couple of years ago, most likely won’t work today. Before your next campaign, make sure to look at the newest statistics, from... Read More

New LinkedIn Guide Published to Maximize Business Branding

Branding has been around for decades, but its importance for increased recognition is the same as it ever was. Maximizing your exposure in a creative way is vital to reaching your target audience and beyond. That said, most people still aren’t sure where they should start with branding, as there are a lot of components... Read More

7 Writing Tips Every Writer Should Know

Content writers bear a responsibility to properly cover the brand they are writing about. Capturing and conveying their unique voice is one of the most important things you will need to do, but you also want to ensure that there’s a connection between the brand and the buyer. Following these tips can help you write... Read More

How to Pair AirPods with Window Devices

While most people use an iOS computer if they own AirPods or AirPods Pro, there are some cases you may want to connect them to a Windows device. Some individuals prefer Windows over iOS computers but prefer AirPods over other types of headphones, or it may be that you prefer iOS devices, but have to... Read More