Females in Hunting

Females are finding representation in the hunting industry, as outfitters and gun manufacturers are developing products for the rising numbers of women hunters. Why the change? Abigail and Jeff Helsdon blog about the growing numbers of females finding solace in the outdoors and joining family in their passion. Why Female Hunter Numbers Are Growing Not... Read More

A Guide to Batch Create Content

Content creators understand the value of content planners to streamline their creative process. Time allocation for specific tasks is critical to a consistent social media strategy. In the article below, Jacob Styler discusses tools and tips for batch creating content. Why Bulk Content Creating For Social Media Saves You Time I often find that if... Read More

A Quick Guide on YouTube Shorts

Last week’s POMA Insight Session featured Adrian Jessen of “Review This Thing.” Adrian discussed monetizing a YouTube platform and incorporating shorts into her posting schedule. To expand upon that discussion of YouTube shorts, check out the article below by Carla Marshall. How to Use YouTube Shorts to Grow Your Channel Did you know that 12... Read More

2023 Marketing Trends

As POMA members wrap up year-end projects, we look towards upcoming marketing trends for 2023. Marketing focus has evolved from branding and advertising into the entire customer experience over the last few years. Michael Brenner shares insights below to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. 21 Marketing Trends You Need to Know... Read More

A Shift in Trusted News Organizations

Younger Americans’ loyalty to trusted news organizations is shifting away from traditional news sources to social media. Readers under the age of 30 have the highest trust in social media news than ever before. The Pew Research study by Jacob Liedke and Jeffrey Gottfried below highlights the disparity between ages, political motivations and educational level... Read More

Social Media Releases: A Complementary Tool to Traditional Press Releases

POMA’s most recent Insight Session featured a how-to guide on press releases by Michelle Scheuermann. Press releases remain an integral tool for businesses. Traditional press releases coupled with social media releases can increase exposure exponentially. This article by Kim Harrison touches on formatting, platform usage, and press release timing. The social media release is designed... Read More

How to Rethink Marketing Content During Economic Uncertainty

Economic concerns have forced companies across the globe to reassess their content strategy. Staff lay-offs were the answer for some companies, while others embraced the opportunity to optimize their content and brand strategy. Michael Brenner outlines these strategies in the article below. Marketing in Difficult Times: Focus on Content that Reaches and Assures Businesses all... Read More

The Rise of TikTok

It’s no secret that TikTok has overtaken Facebook and Instagram as the new go-to source for social media content. The amount of time the average user spends on TikTok is ten times greater than Instagram Reels, according to the Wall Street Journal. Now is the time to engage an audience on TikTok. Andrew Hutchinson reports... Read More

Podcasts on Content Marketing

Last week’s Insight Session featured POMA members Sam Ayres, Brandon Butler and Gabriella Hoffman as they discussed the marketing benefits of podcasting. The speakers touched on the importance of titling podcasts to enable SEO, the value of business insurance for journalists, and how to work within podcasting platforms.  To supplement that conversation, see the article... Read More

Updates to Reel-Sharing via Third-Party Apps

As Reels quickly become the fastest growing social media trend, Meta has announced new functionality that will allow content creators to share via third-party apps.  Jellysmack, Sprout Social and Wix were the first platforms included in the initial launch. Andrew Hutchinson explains how Meta plans to roll out this feature on Social Media today. Meta Announces... Read More