Content Marketing Budgeting for 2020

Budgets are a necessary evil in every business. Content marketers know that while budgets aren’t fun, you must have one so you have a clear map for your marketing plan. Knowing where to start and what to include can be the hardest parts of budgeting. These tips and strategies can help give you a start,... Read More

Instagram Testing Desktop DMs

Sometimes handling direct messages on Instagram is not easy for IG marketers. Those who find themselves in areas with limited wireless or restrictive mobile data plans may soon benefit from being able to handle direct messages on their desktop. It also has the potential to allow brands to use it as part of their customer... Read More

Increase Organic Blog Traffic Using a Search Insights Report

It can be tough to get organic traffic to a blog. The quality of your content plays a big role in how much organic traffic you can get, and sometimes it’s best to not focus first on SEO but on producing good, quality content which will naturally increase SEO. Another key player in the process... Read More

Social Media Calendars and Tools to Plan Campaigns

Successful social media marketing campaigns don’t just happen. You need to have a plan in place for them to be effective. One of the easiest ways to implement a plan is to use social media calendars and tools and templates to make sure you’re staying on track. There are many options available, and these are... Read More

Secure Mobile Data for Online Protection

Data has become a big commodity in the online world. Collecting your personal data can translate into big bucks for big companies and developers by targeting their ads to you, based on your previous searches or interests. Even though you may think that you’ve set your privacy options to protect yourself, you’re probably still at... Read More

Firefox Vulnerability Requires Urgent Attention

It seems that Firefox isn’t off to a great start for 2020. They’ve experienced a critical security flaw that has such potential to be dangerous Homeland Security has issued a warning about it. They’ve already patched the vulnerability, but it has already been exploited in some places. The bottom line is that if you use... Read More

Social Media Influencers’ Impact on Purchase Decisions

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that social media influencers are now impacting the purchasing decisions of consumers. It seems as though there’s an influencer for every type of product and every business is trying to add influencers to make their brand stand out. Understanding the process of how influencers can impact the purchasing decisions... Read More

Use the Dropbox App to Manage Files

Cloud storage continues to rise in popularity. Dropbox remains one of the top choices for cloud storage, even though managing those files through their web interface isn’t always easy. The Dropbox app can make file management much easier. You can edit, rename, move, delete, and much more – all while choosing to sync the information... Read More

Beginner Tips to Create Video Ads for Facebook

More and more, video is becoming the preferred way to capture the attention of consumers. Ads are no exception, and visual ads get a much larger percentage of people’s attention than words alone. Making Facebook video ads may seem too difficult, but they’re really much easier than you think. Using these tips and resources will... Read More

Using the Search Tool in Windows 10 File Explorer

With bigger hard drives and cloud storage, sometimes finding files can be frustrating. You can use the Windows 10 Search tool from the Taskbar, but that doesn’t always provide the most thorough results. Beginning with the November 2019 update, you can now search more efficiently for files right in File Explorer. This not only lets... Read More