Don’t Post to Social Media Channels All at One Time

Everyone knows that social media presence is very important to growing a business. Whether you’re a one-person show or a large brand, the reach and connection you have with social media can be invaluable. But, using a scheduler and posting to all the channels at once can actually hurt your brand. On the other hand,... Read More

Using Google Analytics for Content Marketing

Google Analytics can be overwhelming. It’s a powerful tool to keep an eye on your brand’s performance and it provides a lot of data. Sifting through all that data to find what you need to help improve your content marketing strategy can seem almost impossible. But it’s not. Fortunately, there are really only four key... Read More

Changes to Google Drive Photo Storage

Google announced a change last week to its policy on storage that can affect users’ photo storage. Right now, photos backed up to your Google account in high quality don’t count toward your storage caps, but after June 1, 2021 any new photos uploaded in high quality will. This seems to be gearing up for... Read More

Tracking the Social Media Metrics that Really Matter

Anyone who uses social media for brand awareness knows the importance of tracking metrics. But, do all metrics really matter, and how do you track the ones that do? You need to be able to dig deeper than just likes and shares to be able to really measure your ROI for a particular social network.... Read More

To-Do Lists Might Not Be the Best Choice for Time Management

Time management is crucial to being productive and anyone who has tried to be better at it has most likely relied on to-do lists. Unfortunately, to-do lists don’t seem to be the magic wand for successful long-term time management. There are several different options to get away from lists, remain productive and make the most... Read More

10 Useful Photoshop CC Shortcuts

Photographers spend a lot of time honing their craft by studying, practicing and learning their equipment. Sometimes when shooting images there just isn’t time to change your camera to the exact settings you want for the perfect shot. That’s where post-production editing programs come in, and you can make your great images even better. Adobe... Read More

Content Marketing can Yield Better ROI than Paid Searches

Marketing strategy options seem to change every day and it can be confusing to find the most effective type. One popular option is paying to have your brand rank higher in search results. While it is usually pretty effective, often a well-executed approach with content marketing can return better results. Paid search can get visitors... Read More

Get to Know Affinity Photo Editing Software – A Photoshop Alternative

Adobe Photoshop has long been the choice of photographers for post-production photo editing and processing. But, it can be costly with the Creative Cloud subscription-based service. Many photographers have tried a variety of different programs, but haven’t been able to find one that’s a good fit. Affinity Photo is an option that you might want... Read More

New Instagram Updates for October, 2020

Instagram is continually updating its platform to bring new features to marketers, and they’ve rolled out several for October, 2020. With more and more brands choosing to use IG for marketing, the business side of the platform was definitely the focus for the latest updates. From more commerce tools to longer Reels clips, there’s most... Read More

Maintain Motivation when Working from Home

As the work-from-home trend continues to affect many workers, there are more and more employees who miss their office. It may be the interaction with coworkers or just the structure itself, but most can’t wait to return to their workplace. If you’ve been a long-term freelancer the trick of balancing work, home and child care... Read More