Apps to Regain Storage Space on Macs

Mac users are most likely familiar with storage space getting used up quickly. It can be time-consuming to go through all of the files on your computer one by one to see what can be deleted and what needs to stay. Even with Mac’s “Optimize Storage” option in recent software offerings, using a third-party app... Read More

Nine Things to Try to Speed Up a Sluggish Laptop

No matter how “top of the line” a laptop was when purchased, chances are that after a couple of years it may start becoming slower and sluggish.  However, it may have a longer life than you think. Between apps that are pre-installed and all of the “junk” files that are installed when visiting sites, your... Read More

Maximize Your Social Media Marketing Approach

Over the past few years, the need to utilize social media to grow your personal brand has grown. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of individuals and companies creating a social media presence to stay connected with their current audience, or target a new audience, has grown dramatically. It can be difficult to stand out... Read More

Google’s ‘How Search Works’ Website Updated

Changes to search ranking processes are made often, and it can be challenging to make sense of them. Everyone who deals with SEO knows how important it is to understand what should be included in your content to match Google’s top-ranked keywords, but the constantly changing parameters make it difficult. Google has recently updated its... Read More

Generate More Leads with LinkedIn’s Latest Feature

LinkedIn is a large platform of professionals looking to network, and it can be difficult to stand out and connect with the right opportunities. Now, more than ever, freelancers are using every tool at their disposal to reconnect with others and increase their business connections. LinkedIn has made connecting even easier by adding multiple features... Read More

The Best Camera Apps of 2021

With the increased quality of cameras that are now built into smartphones, it’s often a good idea to choose something other than the standard camera app to make the most of its capabilities. Although native camera apps offer pretty good options and take alright pictures, they may not always deliver the results you’re looking for.... Read More

LinkedIn’s New Video Meeting Option is Here

LinkedIn has grown in popularity recently, mostly for job searches and professional connections. But, it does have some shortfalls  — namely any sort of video communication within the platform. Over the past year, LinkedIn did add support for some third-party apps to make video meetings possible, but with that came the potential for technical, communication,... Read More

Instagram Story Drafts are Here

Creating daily Instagram stories can be challenging, especially with busy schedules. If you do manage to get them posted, they may not be the quality you want if you’ve rushed to get them done. However, Instagram now offers stories drafts that make it possible to create the stories you want and save them for up... Read More

Mass Delete Emails in Gmail

There are few Gmail users who can say that their inbox doesn’t contain hundreds, if not thousands, of emails. The number of emails that the average user gets on a daily basis can be overwhelming, and if you’re using the Gmail app, there’s no easy way to clean them up. Even using the web-based interface,... Read More

60 Second Instagram Reels are Here

Many platforms are now allowing content creators to post longer stories and videos. After TikTok and YouTube Shorts enabled longer video clips, Instagram decided to increase the length of reels. With the option of 60-second videos, creators can now reach their Instagram audience with the same video they use on other social media platforms without... Read More