Instagram Tools for Marketers

Using Instagram as part of a social media marketing strategy is a smart move. The platform continues to grow in popularity, and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. Any business can benefit from using Instagram – it’s a great place to network and build relationships. Using it to up your social... Read More

Successful Small Business Websites

Every small business needs a website in order to be successful. Even if it’s just informational, it’s necessary. People are more likely to grab for their phone to look up your business before using any other means of finding out about you and your products or services. The expense of working with a web developer... Read More

Email Tips for Bloggers

One of the most effective marketing tools for bloggers is direct email. Unlike social media, an email has great return on investment and gives you a chance to really connect with your readers. Of course, that can only happen if you’re doing the email right. These are the steps you’ll take to make sure you’re... Read More

Blog Structure and Why it Matters

The structure of a blog is just as important as the content that it contains. In addition to making things easier to understand, having good post structure can also help when it comes to SEO and being found by potential readers. Properly structuring your blog from top to bottom is easier than you think, and... Read More

Why Venting Can Be a Bad Idea

Everyone gets frustrated in day to day life, some more than others, and feel the need to vent and rant about what’s bothering them. While it may make you feel better, it actually can be a bad idea for many reasons. Here are 15 reasons why venting, especially while at work, is not the best... Read More

Understanding File Permissions

Computers are everywhere, and used every day by almost everyone. They’re used to store photos, play games, and for many people they’re used to store important files with personal information. The key to storing those files safely is to make sure you use file permissions properly. Learn how to keep files and data safe and... Read More

Identify and Easily Set Goals

At some point we’ve probably all been asked about a goal that we want to achieve. However some people may not actually know what goals they have. First, you need to figure out what your goals are and then setting and reaching them come next. These tips will help you to create goals and reach... Read More

Share G Suite Data

Thanks to technological advancement, being able to work from anywhere in the world has never been easier – but it also makes becoming overwhelmed with work easy. G Suite is a powerful software suite that has many features, including some that may mimic an assistant, but just don’t quite take the place of an actual... Read More

Marketing Trends to Leave in 2018

2018 is rapidly coming to a close. With the new year coming, it’s time to leave outdated marketing trends in the past. Some of these may surprise you if you’ve been focused on them, but these are the three influencer marketing practices that should be left in 2018. Aaron Brooks, writer for Social Media Today,... Read More

Get People to Take You Seriously

Some people are just born with the presence to command attention. Others, not so much. Even if you’re in the latter category the good news is that you can make some small changes that will help you move more toward the first. Knowing several of the key reasons you’re not being taken seriously and working... Read More