What to do Before Google’s June First Data Cap

As of today every item in a Google Photos account will start counting toward cloud storage space, in addition to Gmail messages and Google Drive files. Google announced recently that it will be implementing data caps on photos that are uploaded and those that are already in the cloud. Learn what you can do to... Read More

Ways to Improve Zoom Meetings

Over the past year, many of us began working from home. This meant participating or hosting virtual meetings on Zoom. Even with things getting back to “normal”, Zoom meetings will most likely continue for some employees. During this difficult time, many individuals learned more about Zoom than they ever thought they would need to know.... Read More

Do You Wanna Be Famous?

The business of being “famous” on Instagram really can be just that – a business. Remembering that everything you see on social media isn’t always what’s real is something we could all benefit from. In the HBO documentary, Fake Famous, we get a glimpse of how becoming famous on Instagram can be faked until it... Read More

Google to Automatically Enroll Users in Two-Factor Authentication

Anyone who uses any Google service knows that it has recently been pushing users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on their accounts. Google sees 2FA as a replacement for passwords and claims that using it in place of passwords will increase the security of your online accounts. Soon, they’ll be taking their suggestion for enabling... Read More

Three Surefire Ways to Spot an Online Scam

No matter how diligent you are about online safety, it can still be possible to fall victim to an online scam. Unfortunately, as time goes on, hackers are getting more and more crafty with their schemes. They prey on our sense of urgency and the pace of our busy lives to try to steal information.... Read More

The Latest & Greatest Social App You Should Know: Clubhouse

There’s a new social app in town, and it’s becoming more and more popular. Clubhouse is a podcast-style platform, with one big difference – everything happens live in a real-time room. But before you commit to diving into yet another app, it’s great to hear the thoughts of a social media pro. Although there’s still... Read More

See What Google Knows About You

There aren’t many areas of the digital world that Google doesn’t have some sort of connection to, as is the case with most big tech companies. And, like other companies, Google knows a ton about you even if you don’t know they do. It’s a good idea to check to see exactly what data they... Read More

On the ‘Gram: Social Media Security Tips

Social media accounts are always vulnerable to being hacked. And, if you think that it only happens to those who accept random friend requests, respond to “you’re a winner” posts, or engage in other seemingly risky ways, you couldn’t be more wrong. More and more brand pages are being hacked, attacked and compromised – and... Read More

Clubhouse Adds Creator Payments to Keep Popular Hosts Using App

Clubhouse recently launched its Creator Accelerator Program, to help encourage top broadcasters to keep using the app. Now it offers the option for users to transfer funds to their favorite hosts. Being able to monetize their presence on the app may make a difference when broadcasters consider whether to continue using Clubhouse – especially when... Read More

Online Photo Storage Options Compared

Compared to just a few years ago, the number of affordable and accessible online photo storage options has increased quite a bit. With so many platforms now available, it can be tough to choose the right one. The way that you need to access and use or share the photos is going to play a... Read More