Strategies to Reach Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero. It’s a goal that anyone who uses email probably wants to achieve, but may seem impossible because of the sheer volume of email received per day. Reaching that goal can not only save your sanity, but also increase productivity. Having an organized system to work toward inbox zero is critical if you have... Read More

Using Water in Photography

There are so many incredible natural resources that can be used to create amazing images, and water is one of the best. Using water in your images can add an element that ends in stunning results. Beyond the typical bodies of water that first come to mind, there are many others you may have never... Read More

Facebook Page Engagement Trends

With the popularity of social media platforms growing all the time, many brands are concerned about the effectiveness of using Facebook to engage with followers. It is still a great place to connect, but the type of content that you post can have an effect on the amount of engagement it actually gets. Video continues... Read More

Instagram Influencer Marketing and Fakers

Influencers continue to achieve new heights in marketing trends across social media platforms. While many are still trying to figure out the best way to use social media, influencers already have that knowledge and brands looking to expand their reach on social media platforms seek them out for their ability to gain followers and grow... Read More

Activate New Clipboard Functions in Windows 10 Update

The clipboard is likely one of the most used functions of Microsoft Windows. The ability to copy and paste images and text can save hours of time when working on documents, spreadsheets, etc. The Windows 10 October 2018 update is now on track to be rolled out again, and it will contain some nice upgrades... Read More

Ideas to Boost Content Marketing Strategies

An increase in marketing success can usually be attributed to one of two things – either better content or some sort of revision to their content marketing strategy. A brand’s content marketing strategy isn’t just something that can be implemented and then forgotten about. In order to realize the best ROI, you need to evaluate... Read More

Persuasive and Informative Advertising Explained

Marketing teams are always looking for the best way to reach consumers with advertising. Two advertising techniques they can utilize are persuasive and informative. Persuasive advertising involves eliciting an emotional response from audiences. Informative advertising campaigns generally rely more on facts and information to get the point across to the consumer. Both types can be... Read More

Get Color Accuracy in Photos

In addition to perfect lighting, color accuracy is among the top requirements for great photographs. The conditions you have at the time you’re shooting images might not always give you the best final result. Another culprit of color inaccuracy can be screen calibration. In addition to making sure your screen is calibrated, there are some... Read More

Fixing Social Media Marketing Failures

Social media marketing campaigns can be a great way to build a brand’s presence. We see companies use social media frequently to successfully reach new customers. However, not every campaign has positive results. Keeping the top reasons for social media maketing falures in mind when you’re planning your strategy can help ensure you get the... Read More

Top Backup Options for Windows

The new year is a good time to take a look at making changes that can improve life in some way. Backing up your computer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you take that step. But, think about what might happen if your computer fails…all of your important files and... Read More