Winning Digital Content Strategies

Creating an audience-driven marketing strategy is key to successful brands, along with measurable KPIs and diverse multichannel content. Michael Brenner discusses below. How to Create & Execute a Digital Content Strategy Your digital content strategy is the key to driving some of your biggest success factors: organic web traffic, brand awareness, lead generation, and ultimately sales. The... Read More

A Look Inside the Monetization of Outdoor Social Media Platforms

Hunting and fishing brand influencers are pervasive on social media platforms. The conversation around the authenticity of gear recommendations is worth reading, if only to reinforce already-held beliefs about it. Katie Hill and Alex Robinson of OutdoorLife explore the various methods that both big-name and grassroots influencers use to monetize their platforms, along with the... Read More

Video Marketing Recommendations

Video content is a marketer’s best friend these days. As content creators produce on different social media platforms, the right tools are nearly as important as the right story. Forbes Young Entrepreneur Council demystifies the basics of video editing. Nine Ways Any Business Can Improve The Quality Of Their Video Marketing Whether you’re creating a... Read More

An IG Influencer’s Top Ten Client Boosters

Chris Do (@thechrisdo) is a marketing sensation on Instagram (896K followers) and a savvy content creator and entrepreneur.  His article below details ways to get more clients on a very basic, elemental level. “No easy answers, no quick fixes, but the bare minimum of what you need to do before looking for more help.” How... Read More

The Right Platform and Content for Your Marketing Strategy

Content creators face the challenge of contending with ten different social media platforms and consumers’ short attention spans. Flexibility is key to pivoting between platforms when one is not meeting your marketing needs. Forbes Communications Council discusses factors to consider when developing a marketing strategy. 15 Social Media Trends Smart Marketers Will Leverage In 2023... Read More

TikTok Gun Policies

Navigating social media platforms’ varied policies on firearm content is an ever-evolving challenge. News reports with footage of the war in Ukraine have affected TikTok’s algorithm for gun content. Tactical Life explains the changes below. TikTok’s Gun Policy Does a 180 thanks to Ukrainian War In very broad strokes, the algorithm that drives TikTok works... Read More

The Case for Attending Conferences

On the heels of SHOT Show, POMA is gearing up for its busy conference season.  The Shooting Sports Showcase on March 27-28 and the annual conference June 12-15 in Broken Arrow, OK are now open for registration. Mark Beebe provides a list of compelling reasons to attend these valuable networking opportunities. 6 Reasons Why You... Read More

Blog Frequency and its Impact on Revenue

Consistent blogging increases traffic to your site and increases revenue, but what is the “magic number” in frequency? Michael Brenner analyzes the research in the article below. How Often Should You Blog? To understand how the frequency of blogging impacts its effectiveness, it’s always a good idea to start with data. HubSpot looked at blogging... Read More

Maximizing Instagram Posts

In the latest push to challenge Tiktok in the 2023 social media landscape, Instagram is focusing its efforts on the entertainment value of posts. The guide below by Andrew Hutchinson discusses three strategies to boost IG presence. Planning for 2023: Instagram Posting Tips As noted, Instagram’s been going through a mini-metamorphosis of late, as it... Read More

Marketing Collateral versus Brand Advertising

Standing out in a crowded marketing space boils down to the value that consumers find in a brand.  Marketing collateral informs an audience rather than simply catching their attention. Michael Brenner discusses below. 11 Types of Marketing Collateral You Should Be Creating Marketing collateral comes in many shapes and sizes, but each form shares a... Read More