LinkedIn Adds Three New Courses for Company Pages

Knowing how to get the most out of a company page on LinkedIn can be challenging. Using LinkedIn marketing effectively for your brand can be critical to reaching your current followers and your potential audience. Even if you are confident in the content being generated, keeping on top of what’s changing with the platform can... Read More

Update Your POMA Profile — Help POMA Help You

Connecting with other members to grow your business is one of the biggest benefits of belonging to POMA. What you may not know is that many times members reach out to POMA staff to ask for recommendations for content creators or companies who cover a certain segment, topic, or industry. Members can also perform detailed... Read More

The Best Platform for Marketers in 2022

Trying to figure out the best social media platform to market your business can be tricky. Today, there are a variety of popular platforms, which can make deciding a challenge. Gathering information, before choosing the primary platform you’ll use, can help you make the best decision for your brand — while keeping in mind that... Read More

Shortcuts to Take Screenshots and Record Video on a Mac

Over the years, Apple has made it easy to capture screen content. It allows you to take a quick screenshot of part of the screen, capture video, change screen capture locations, or take a timed screenshot. While you may have known about the ability to capture the screen, maybe how to do it wasn’t quite... Read More

How to Build a High-Converting Landing Page

One of the most important components of a brand’s website is landing pages. They can have an impact on whether an individual will look into the website further or not. From creating a great headline to displaying your most important information prominently, you want a page that will catch the visitor’s attention but is also... Read More

Instagram Adds Reels Replies

Instagram continues to roll out updates to the app in hopes of making it even more useful to users. The newest update brings more attention to short-form video, and allows you to tap into the trend. Users are now able to reply to comments on their posts with videos. This not only allows Reels to... Read More

I Had a Run-In with an Influencer

Just a few years ago, nobody knew what an “influencer” was, and now they’re some of the most sought-after social media users by brand marketers. However, there are individuals who don’t necessarily want to be an influencer or become a more well-known one. Even though it may be hard to understand, especially when they have... Read More

How to Write a Captive Blog Introduction

One of the most important factors of a blog post is the introduction. With the average reader only spending about 15 seconds reading a post, the introduction can be what makes them decide if they are going to continue reading. It can be challenging to come up with an amazing intro since it needs to... Read More

Instagram’s Newest Update

Carousel posts have been a go-to option for lots of Instagram users recently. Having the ability to post multiple images and videos in one post allows creators to push more content to viewers – which is a good thing! Sometimes, though, after uploading carousel posts users will notice something wrong. Previously, to fix this, the... Read More

What to Post on Social Media – Ideas for 2022

Anyone who uses social media for marketing knows that content needs to stay fresh and engaging. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut and trying to create and push out great content on social media can be challenging. Whether you are having trouble thinking of content each time you post or you’re new to... Read More