POMA honors the industry’s best and brightest annually for excellence in journalism and organization service. Award honorees set the bar for journalistic achievement and volunteer service.

POMA Pinnacle Awards
Presented by Mossy Oak

Honoring Journalistic Excellence Among POMA Members Since 2008


  Winner Lindsay Thomas, Jr., “10 Reasons You Don’t Want CWD In Your Woods”, Quality Whitetails Magazine
  Outstanding Achievement – Jodi Stemler, “Healthy Sagebrush Sea”, Outdoor Life, Open Country Blog

  Winner – Tom Keer, “Top Dog”, Garden and Gun
  Outstanding Achievement – Tim Flanigan, “Lasting Decision”, Pennsylvania Game News Magazine

  Winner – Wade Robertson, Outdoor Writer Robertson Recalls First Pheasant Hunt, Bradford Era
  Outstanding Achievement – Charlie Burchfield – Winchester ’53: a Special Gift that will Live on in Family

  Winner – Allan Smith, “Girls Night Out”, YouTube
  Outstanding Achievement – Charles Burchfield, “Trigger Finger Deer Management”, WCED 1420 AM, 107.9 FM, and 96.7 FM


Pinnacle Award Winners (L to R): Charlie Burchfield, Wade Robertson and Tim Christie. Pictured with Kevin Tate of Mossy Oak and Kevin Orthman, POMA Executive Director (rear, R to L)

  Winner – Tim Christie, “Challenging All Comers (Bugling Bull Elk)”, American Hunter Magazine
  Outstanding Achievement – Tim Flanigan, “Grouse Strut”, Ruffed Grouse Society Magazine

  Winner – Ken Cook, “Wild Country: True Stories From The Great Outdoors”, BookLogix – Alpharetta, Ga.
  Outstanding Achievement – Vin Sparano, “Complete Guide to Fresh and Saltwater Fishing”, Universe Publishing


  Winner – Brad Fitzpatrick, “The Hunt that Changed America”, Outdoor America
  Outstanding Achievement – Tom Keer, “The Last Covert”, Ruffed Grouse Society Magazine

  Winner – Steve Sorenson, “The Arthur Young Buck- 1830”, Pennsylvania Game News
  Outstanding Achievement – Bill Miller, “Flight Of The Electrified Pterodactyls”, Waterfowl & Retriever Magazine

  Winner – Kenneth Cook, “The Legacy of Milton N. Hopkins Part 1 “, Clinch County News (Homerville, GA)
  Outstanding Achievement – Kenneth Cook, “The Legacy of Milton N. Hopkins Part 2”, Clinch County News (Homerville, GA)

  Winner – Corey Holtgard, “Ohio’s Whitetail Hitlist”, Outdoor Channel
  Outstanding Achievement – Ryan Gresham, “Zero Pork Thirty”, Pursuit Channel

Pinnacle Award Winners (L to R): Bill Miller, Lindsay Thomas, Jr., Kenneth Cook, and Steve Finch, accepting on behalf of Corey Holtgard. Pictured with Kevin Tate of Mossy Oak (second from right).

  Winner – Tim Christie, “Teeth Don’t Lie”, Predator Xtreme Magazine
  Outstanding Achievement – Tim Christie, “Fear Straight On”, American Hunter Magazine

  Winner – Vin Sparano, “Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia”, Universe Publishing
  Outstanding Achievement – Lindsay Thomas, Jr., “The Blood Trail and Other Deer-Hunting Stories”, Amazon.com


  Winner – Frank Miniter, “Public Land Deer Hunting: How to Save America’s Whitetail Woods”, Outdoor Life Blogs
  Outstanding Achievement – Darren Warner, “Dredging Disastrous to Waterfowl in Mississippi Delta”, NRAhuntersrights.org

  Winner – Frank Miniter, “A Hero for the Next Generation”, America’s First Freedom
  Outstanding Achievement – Brenda Valentine, “Quit Calling”, Mossy Oak Gamekeepers

  Winner – Tammy Sapp, “What Women Ought to Know About Hunting and Killing”, American Hunter
  Outstanding Achievement – Tammy Sapp, “The Only Girl in Camp”, American Hunter; Doug Gilmer, “Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo – We All Have a Choice”, The Call: When Faith Goes Afield

  Winner – Bill Miller, “Kalkomey’s Handgun Safety Course”, Kalkomey.com
  Outstanding Achievement – Dan Small, “Deer Hunt Wisconsin”, WMVS-TV


Pinnacle Award Winners (L to R): Tony Bynum, Bill Miller, Kevin Tate, Tammy Sapp, J. Wayne Fears and J. Craig Haney

  Winner – Tony Zappia, “Retriever with Training Buoy”, The Retriever Journal
  Outstanding Achievement – Tim Christie, “Strippin’ & Lickin'”; Tony Bynum, “Bull Elk Bugle”, American Hunter

  Winner – J. Wayne Fears and J. Craig Haney, “Backcountry Letters”, Amazon/Kindle
  Outstanding Achievement – Angelo Peluso, “Fly Fishing the Surf”; James Collyer, “Buck Naked”

2013 honorees

  Winner – Bob Humphrey, “The End of an Era,” Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine
  Outstanding Achievement – Bob Humphrey, “The ‘Other’ Hunters,” Petersen’s Bowhunting; Ron Spomer, “Wild Heritage – Political Attacks,” Sporting Classics

  Winner – Ron Spomer, “Sometimes It’s Quick But It’s Always Steep,” American Hunter
  Outstanding Achievement – Ron Spomer, “Big Bears of Kamchatka,” Sports Afield; Zeke Pipher, “Zero Regret Bowhunting,” Petersen’s Bowhunting

  Winner – Brenda Valentine, “Outdoor Legend’s Tour Diary – Day 10,” NWTF Website – Blog
  Outstanding Achievement – Harry Guyer, “Rags,” Bedford Gazette; Dan Small, “High-Tech Help for Great Lakes Salmon,” Wisconsin Outdoor News

  Winner – Tammy Sapp, “Hunter Safety Education Videos,” Hunter-ed.com and available as a menu-driven DVD
  Outstanding Achievement – James Towle, “The Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship,” Pursuit Channel/Dish and Direct TV

Tim Anderson with two of the 2013 POMA Pinnacle Award Winners: Tammy Sapp (l) and Brenda Valentine (r)

  Winner – Doug Stamm, “Schooling Stripers,” U.S. Fish and Wildlife “Eddies” Cover
  Outstanding Achievement – Richard Bernier, “Cover Image – Fawn,” Whitetail News

  Winner – Zeke Pipher, “Man on the Run,” Howard Books (Simon and Schuster)
  Outstanding Achievement – J Wayne Fears, “Isaac – Trek to Kings Mountain,” Amazon/ Kindle


  Winner – John Jefferson, “The Golden Age of Park Acquisitions”, Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine
  Outstanding Achievement – Karen Mehall, “Game Profiles: American Woodcock”, American Hunter magazine

  Winner – Tom Tatum, “The Fisherman’s Father, The Fisherman’s Son”, Outdoor Delaware magazine
  Outstanding Achievement – Tim Christie, “Hunting for Memories”, Wyoming Wildlife magazine

  Winner – Darren Warner, “Will to Keep Hunting Helps Amputee Walk Again”, NRA Hunters’ Rights (www.nrahuntersrights.com)
  Outstanding Achievement – Tom Tatum, “State Faces Tipping Point in New Year”, Daily Local News (West Chester, PA)


L to R: Back row: Toxey Haas, Tom Gresham, Karen Mehall, Jim Lewis, Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland. Front Row: John Jefferson, Tom Tatum, Darren Warner.

  Winner – Jonathan Brunson, “Addicted to the Outdoors – Noodlin’ Adventure”, Outdoor Channel
  Outstanding Achievement – Tom Gresham, “Gun Talk Television – New Shooters”, Versus Network (NBC Sports)

  Winner – Richard Bernier, “Two Fawns Feeding”, Deer & Deer Hunting magazine.
  Outstanding Achievements – Tim Christie, “A Cackle in the Cold”, Field & Stream magazine; and Tim Flanigan, “Reflected Woodcock Probing Lunch”, Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show, Harrisburg, PA


Winner –
Lindsay Thomas Jr. – “Deer Cameras: The Science of Scouting” published by the Quality Deer Management Association.
  Outstanding Achievement –  Andrew Chamberlain – “Cartridge Comparison” published by Chamberlain Development Publishing

  Winner – Tom & Ryan Gresham, Gun Talk TV – America’s Rifle broadcast on Versus.
  Outstanding Achievement – Chris Dorsey, Orion Multimedia, “Buccaneers & Bones: Silver Kings” broadcast on the Outdoor Channel

Newspaper/Web Article:
  Winner – Kevin Reese, “Finding Your Cheese” published in Navarro County Times newspaper.
  Outstanding Achievements – Harry Guyer, Jr., “The Old Man & the Perfect Christmas Gift” published in Bedford Gazette; and Kevin Reese, “Living and Leaving a Legacy” published on Outdoor Roadmap website

L to R: John Jefferson, rep for Orion Media, Tom Gresham, Andrew Chamberlain, Kevin Reese, Harry Guyer and Brandon Butler.

  Winner – Tim Christie, “Bohemian Waxwing in Flight” published in Wyoming Wildlife.
  Outstanding Achievement – Tim Christie, “The Stripper” published in Outdoor Life magazine

  Winner – John Jefferson, “The Ballad of Billy Sandifer” published in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.
  Outstanding Achievement – Steve Pennaz, “Silent Invaders” North American Fisherman, broadcast on Versus.


Book – Dennis Dunn — “Barebow! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game”

Broadcast – Steve Pennaz — “Prehistoric Giant Florida Sawfish” — North American Fisherman

Conservation – Mike Marsh — “Bearing Responsibility” — Wildlife in North Carolina

Magazine – John Jefferson — “Firing Line” — Outdoor Life

Newspaper – Kendal Hemphill — “Trivial Intelligence” — Mason County News

Photography/Art/Illustration — Bill Konway — “Whack!! Broken Jaw” — Field and Stream Online and “Traditional Hunter” — straightcreekoutfitters.com


L to R: Tim Anderson of Mossy Oak, Steve Pennaz, Dennis Dunn, Kendall Hemphill, Bill Konway, John Jefferson


Magazine – Richard Bernier
Conservation – Frank Miniter
Photography – Tim Flanigan
Broadcast – Andy Lightbody & Kathy Mattoon
Newspaper/Web – Tammy Sapp

L to R: Tim Flanigan, Tammy Sapp, Kathy Mattoon, Andy Lightbody, J.R. Robbins, Tack Robinson


Magazine – Tes Jolly
Newspaper – Harry Guyer
Photograph – Tim Flanigan
Broadcast – Steve Scott

Betty Lou Fegely
Emerald Cornerstone Award

Honoring Extraordinary Volunteer Service to POMA

2015 – Kevin Tate
2011 – Russell Bailey
2010 – Vickie Gardner
2008 – Betty Lou Fegely
2006 – Pat McHugh

Betty Lou Fegely and Judd Cooney
Russell Bailey receives the Emerald Cornerstone Award from Mike Capps of Howard Communications.
Kevin Tate receives Emerald Cornerstone Award at 10th Anniversary Conference




Diamond Cornerstone Award

Honoring Organizations for Their Commitment to POMA

Outdoor Channel*
Safari Club International*

Mossy Oak
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Rifle Association

* Founding Diamond Cornerstone Honorees

POMA/ASA Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award

Honoring Journalistic Excellence and Personal Commitment to the Angling Sports

2016 – Wade Bourne
2014 – Doug Olander
2013 – Louie Stout
2012 – John E. Phillips
2011 – Frank Sargeant
2010 – Robert Montgomery
2008 – Andy Hahn

Nominate a journalist for the Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award

Kevin Orthman and Wade Bourne

POMA/ATA Fred Bear Archery and
Bowhunting Communicator Award

Honoring Journalistic Excellence and Personal Commitment to the Archery Sports

2012 – Bill Krenz
2011 – Chuck Adams
2010 – Dwight Schuh
2007 – James Dougherty

Nominate a journalist for the Fred Bear Archery & Bowhunting Communicator Award.

POMA President Kevin Tate presents the Fred Bear Award to Bill Krenz’s widow Sherry.

POMA/NSSF Grits Gresham
Shooting Sports Communicator Award

Honoring Journalistic Excellence and Personal Commitment to the Shooting Sports

2017 – Ashley Hlebinsky
2016 –
Ron Spomer
2015 – Mark A. Keefe, IV
2014 – Jim Zumbo
2013 – Doug Painter
2012 – S.P. Fjestad
2011 – Michael Bane
2010 – Dave Petzal
2009 – Tom Gresham
2008 – James Carmichel
2007 – J. Wayne Fears

Nominate a journalist for the Grits Gresham Shooting Sports Communicator Award.

Ashley Hlebinsky