The NSSF Discusses SHOT SHOW 2022 And More

Clovertac Productions recently welcomed Joe Bartozzi, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation to the podcast. We discussed SHOT Show 2022 and many other aspects of the NSSF. You can watch the podcast on the CloverTac YouTube channel or listen to the audio version on your favorite audio podcast platform, just search for CloverTac. If... Read More

The BEST Staccato For Concealed Carry?

While attending the USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Expo in Ft Worth, we stopped and asked Staccato 2011 to show us their best handgun for concealed carry.  If you would like to talk about CloverTac Productions helping with video, written review, podcast and social media exposure for your company’s products, please contact me, Christopher Dover through Let’s have a... Read More

Funding Your Channel, Organization or Project

Chris with CloverTac Productions recently gave a presentation at the 2021 AMM-Con (Alternative Mass Media Conventions) Worthshop. The topic was funding your channel, organization and or projects via Patreon. If you would like to check out that presentation a copy has been posted on the new GunTuber Academy YouTube channel. If you would like to... Read More

New “GunTuber Academy” Channel By CloverTac

Since 2017 CloverTac Productions has not only put out regular firearm related and Second Amendment content, we have also worked with platforms like YouTube and the creators who make up those platforms. That type of "creator help" content has officially been split from the main CloverTac YouTube channel and can now be found over at... Read More

USCCA Talks New Firearm Owners At 2021 Expo

CloverTac Productions recently attended the USCCA 2021 Concealed Carry & Home Defense Expo in Ft Worth, TX. Several pieces of content are scheduled to release from that expo starting with a conversation about the USCCA, the expo and new firearm owners.  If you would like to talk about CloverTac Productions helping with video, written review, podcast and... Read More

Safety Tip For The New Mossberg 940 Snow Goose

The new 940 Snow Goose semi auto shotgun from Mossberg is here. Right out of the box we identified a potential safety issue that could present itself during cleaning and maintenance for those less experienced with semi autoamtic shotguns, particularly those with extended magazine tubes. CloverTac Productions has released a video to explain this issue and... Read More

This Little Rifle Is A Sleeper!

In a world often dominated by semi automatic rifles, the International 802 Plinkster, bolt action, 22LR rifle, from Mossberg, might not get the credit it deserves. I have been putting this little rifle through the ropes and considering the amazing, budget minded, price point, have thus far not been disappointed.  If you would like to... Read More

Learning Content Creation Every Week!

For about 4 years now CloverTac Productions has hosted a weekly live podcast where creators, mostly "guntubers", come together to #TalkNerdy about being creators. While this podcast has changed names over the years, the current name of this show is the CloverTac Podcast STUDIO. We come together as colleagues to discuss things that we struggle with... Read More

Gun Show Tips

With many new firearm owners joining our community in 2020, there is no doubt a few of them will be finding their way to their first gun show. CloverTac Productions recently dropped a video provoking a conversation about the items one might consider a necessity when attending a gun show. This was also an opportune time... Read More

Protect Your Hearing!

After meeting up with AXIL Hearing Performance at this year's Shooting Sports Showcase 2021, CloverTac Productions is in the process of doing some review work with a few of their hearing protection products. Protecting your hearing is especially important in shootings sports. Here is our recent quick review of the AXIL Hearing Performance XP Reactor... Read More