GoWild CEO Responds to Anti-Hunting Magazine Column

“I don’t ask everyone to hunt—I realize it’s not a likely reality. But I do hope that those who don’t hunt can understand why I pursue this connection to nature and my food. My experience and respect for death grounds me in what it means to live. Knowing the gravity of mortality is an expansion... Read More

Why We Hunt: A Podcast with POMA Board Members

"I was bear hunting in Russia and it’s one of my favorite hunts ever, and I didn’t tag a thing. Or I think of big horn sheep hunting with my husband, and we didn’t take a sheep. To me, if you can go out there and have your best day ever without tagging an animal,... Read More

GoWild Study Unveils Surprising Stats About Hunters

The entire 27-page report is available at mygowild.com/2019survey . POMA members get a 50% discount. Contact Brad Luttrell. In the age of the influencer, it could seem like the bro hunter with the best gear and biggest following has the best season. Free of spousal approval and with seemingly endless vacation time (or at least endless content),... Read More

POMA Conference Speaker David Draper Joins GoWild Podcast

Petersen’s Hunting Editor, David Draper, Joins Restless Native “‘Hunters’ for a long time were rednecks who drove around in trucks and shot everything. Those are poachers. But that was the identity that hunters had. We’ve changed the conversation. People are realizing that hunters are the true conservationist.” — David Draper, Restless Native Episode 83 An avid... Read More

GoWild Names Zack Grimes President

GoWild has officially named Zack Grimes as President. The role is new to both Grimes and the company. Brad Luttrell remains as Chief Executive Officer.  Grimes, who is a Cofounder of GoWild, previously served as Chief Analytics Officer. He has led the company’s data science efforts, most notably building the content recommendation engine and developing the... Read More

GoWild Launches Robust Ecommerce Platform For Outdoor Gear

“With Gearbox, shoppers can have authentic, meaningful dialogue with each other. Buy with confidence after talking to other elk hunters, fly fishermen or hikers who are using the exact same piece of gear. And, my favorite part of it all, is if you buy it through our network, you’re helping raise money for conservation. Shopping... Read More

Polaris Adventures Launches Strategic Partnership with Outdoor App, GoWild

Louisville, KY (Oct. 30, 2019) —  Polaris’ network of ride and drive experiences, Polaris Adventures, has quickly scaled to include more than 125 adventure Outfitters across the country. As the program expands upon its vision of bringing the outdoors to a broader audience, Polaris Adventures is launching a strategic partnership with GoWild, a technology platform... Read More

Safari Club International Partners With GoWild To Expand Reach To Hunters

Safari Club International is entering a partnership with GoWild, the activity tracking and social media app for outdoor enthusiasts. Together the two organizations will focus on engaging active hunters, and onboarding new hunters into the lifestyle with educational content and an active, supportive community. Safari Club International (SCI) is a U.S.-based organization of more than 50,000... Read More

Riton Optics Partners with GoWild as Digital Advertising Options Tighten for Firearms Companies

Like many firearms-related companies, Riton Optics has experienced its share of blocked advertising efforts from mainstream digital advertising platforms. As the company diversifies its efforts and looks for new ways to reach firearms enthusiasts, it’s chosen to partner with social media and activity tracking app, GoWild.  “Beyond simply allowing firearms and gun accessory companies to... Read More