Rob Pincus shared essential tips for covering defensive (or tactical) training courses. This is must-have information for any communicator looking to delve into the lucrative defense/tactical market, which is actively seeing professional communicators. Start your familiarization with this webinar, and follow the content money flow.

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Rob first started writing articles in 1998 and became a staff writer for S.W.A.T. Magazine in 2001. During his time with S.W.A.T., Rob’s specialty was first person coverage of some of the most advanced training courses available. At the same time, Rob’s own training programs exploded in popularity during the 2000’s as he rose to prominence as an instructor and he was featured more and more often in magazines (and TV) in the title line instead of the by-line. Rob’s unique perspective on media coverage from both sides of the pen and camera. Regardless of your own level of training or personal defense preparation, your view and media coverage of a training course can be incredibly valuable!

Rob is also owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus Shooting program. In addition to conducting training courses and overseeing a team of instructors, Rob is very active in personal defense and firearms related media activities. Rob is the Managing Editor of Personal Defense Network, has hosted several TV shows, produced over 70 full length training DVDs and authored 4 books in addition to writing or being featured in scores of articles.

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