Dave Oakes gave attendees some essential steps to take to make sure they’re putting their best foot forward when speaking in public. Learn how to overcome the most common obstacles that are faced, and learn the keys to powerful public speaking.

Developing powerful speaking skills opens new doors to income opportunities, bolsters a resume, and makes you a more valuable staff member, consultant, or freelancer. David Oakes is a presentation and public speaking specialist. He’s sharing his tips for becoming a powerful presenter, overcoming nervousness, and defining the five types of presentations. Learn from a real pro, and augment your skill set or businesses bottom line.

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The Guide to Powerful Public Speaking with David OakesDavid Oakes – daveoakesseminars.com

During this terrific webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Three things that guarantee speaking success
  2. Five types of presentations
  3. Seven ideas to help overcome nervousness

Dave started Dave Oakes Seminars in 1996 and does presentations nationally for over 100 groups per year.

He is recognized as an expert on some of the most popular business topics, such as presentation skills, time management, and team building.

When faced with a challenging responsibility, Dave can provide the skills needed to be a true leader.

His polished professional style draws the audience into the learning process from the beginning. During presentations, he helps participants find solutions to real-world organizational concerns.

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