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Welcome new POMA members. We’re proud to have you in the family.

Voting Media

Erik Petersen
Clyde Park, Montana
Bio: Erik Petersen has been photographing life in Montana and around the world for nearly two decades. While his roots are in telling stories through still photography, he has found video to be an equally challenging and rewarding medium.

Eric Hung
Arcadia, California
Bio: Founder of PewPewTactical.com (400k visits a month) that offers in-depth guides, gun/gear reviews, and DIY tutorials. Looking for T&E opportunities! Our core audience is tech-savvy US beginner/intermediate firearms enthusiasts that want entertaining and mobile-friendly content. I previously founded Educator.com (subscription math/science videos) and bring with me 8+ years of digital marketing experience.

John Geiger
Kennesaw, Georgia
Bio: Associate Publisher/Senior Editor of Game & Fish Magazine

Abigail Casey
Nashville, Tennessee
Bio: I Work for Rated Red as a outdoor host creating 15 individual video content pieces a week. I also was a producer for the documentary titled “Guns up Texas.” Before working for Rated Red I was a videographer for Realtree Outdoors for 2 years.

Associate Media

Phil Kahnke
Salem, South Dakota
Bio: I have a focus on waterfowl and waterfowl hunting photography.


Great Days Outdoors Media
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Company Mission: Great Days Outdoors Media has published hunting and fishing related content through its print publication, Great Days Outdoors Magazine, since 1997. By expanding into radio (Alabama’s Great Days Outdoors Radio) digital (www.greatdaysoutdoors.com) and social media, we continue to provide value to all of our stakeholders in our changing age. We believe that marketing and advertising are free, and if it isn’t, our job is not done.