Voting Closes April 15 – Vice President Position Approved by POMA Board of Directors Voting Media Membership Must Ratify by Vote

Vote Media Members, cast your vote now to approve/deny a board approved bylaws change to add a vice president position to the board of directors. Voting closes April 15, 2014.

At its March 19, 2014 meeting, POMA’s Board of Directors approved the addition of a vice president office to the board. The addition of the position allows members interested in leading the organization an additional officer position through which they may garner experience serving as an officer and show leadership capabilities prior to running for the office of president. The vice president term is one year and is not a pass-through position (the vice president does not automatically become president).

Actions taken by the board, which require changes to POMA’s bylaws, must be ratified by the Voting Media membership.

Voting Closed: The board decision was ratified.